365 Creativity Project-Day 101

Journal entry:

Journal 4-19-20120001

April Poem A Day Challenge, poem nineteen:

Growing Legacy

He fought valiantly,
Cancer is a harsh disease
It finally took
James’ life and left me
Grave responsibility.

His death was a true
Coming of age that gave me
No brother on whom
I could depend upon when
Trouble visited my life.

His final days were
Filled with painful thoughts of loss,
But I promised him
I would care for our mother
To my best ability.

I miss him so much
Some days and just want to ask
His advice on things
I must accomplish, but now
Have to complete on my own.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Thursday, April 19, 2012





The road home…


The road to Linda’s…


The road to Highway 5…


Blocks of wood…




Radio Flyer…

I am grateful:

1.   I woke up fairly early.
2.   My haircut turned out well.
3.   I purchased some new CDs.
4.   My Bose SoundDock will arrive tomorrow.
5.   Mom is feeling slightly better.

I hope your Thursday was rewarding. Try to think of something creative to do. You have the power to accomplish your desires.

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Jo Ann


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