365 Creativity Project-Day 131

Journal entry:

Journal 5-19-20120001

Autobiographical Poems:


I Am…

I am a verbose poet and amateur photographer
I wonder if my work will ever see wide distribution
I hear the cries of countless adoring fans
I see myself rewarded as poet laureate
I want to see my photographs published
I am a verbose poet and amateur photographer.

I pretend it does not bother me that I have no lover
I feel unicorns should never be ridden
I touch the heart of the universe
I worry that I will never be good enough
I cry over the loss of my childhood innocence
I am a verbose poet and amateur photographer.

I understand that I can never have everything that I want
I say that my fondest dreams can come true
I dream I am successful in all my endeavors
I try to always do my best
I hope to make my family proud of me
I am a verbose poet and amateur photographer.


Jo Ann
Loving, generous, talented, joyous
Daughter of Joyce and George
Lover of poetry and puppy dogs
Who feels inadequate to accomplish much
Who needs forgiveness for grievous faults
Who gives from the heart
Who fears ultimate failure
Who would like to see overwhelming success
Resident of Whitesburg

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Saturday, May 19, 2012



A framed poem…


Votive candle holder…





I am grateful:

1.   I found writing courses in my email folders last night.
2.   I cut the whole yard today.
3.   There is warm water for showers.
4.   I have my dog, Hope, to snuggle with.
5.   There was something easy to prepare available for supper tonight.

I hope your Saturday was enjoyable. Please take a few moments to do something creative.

Let me know what you think or leave suggestions in the comments.

Jo Ann


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