365 Creativity Project-Day 136

A few more story starts that I may explore in depth in the future:

Journal 5-24-20120001

The prompt for today’s poem came from The Sunday Whirl. I am going back to earlier prompts on this site because they are so engaging. You might enjoy giving some of them a try.

Uncertain Deity

Even a goddess is hounded
By demons who visit sacred
Rituals without intention
Of adding real significance.

They string along her followers
Distracting from indigenous
Culture elaborated in
Text that defines divinity.

She communicates her desires
From the summit of her mountain
Where graceful flags fly quite untamed
Tousled by vicious winds of change.

A goddess doubts significance
When sacred rituals are viewed
As useless despite intention
To celebrate true devotion.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Thursday, May 24, 2012



Day Lilies…


Yucca blooms…


Can crusher…


What If? is an inspiring book chock full of writing exercises that will have you creating material of which you have never dreamed. I purchased it from Amazon.com What If?.


Writing Magic is a book for younger writers, but you might find the exercises spark ideas as well. I purchased it from Amazon.com Writing Magic. It is a very quick read and can be passed on to inspire a youngster in your life.

I am grateful:

1.   I woke up early.
2.   The UPS driver delivered my package in a timely manner.
3.   I was able to order Iverhart for Penny since Interceptor was not available.
4.   Jeremy says he will try to come out and clean the gutters this weekend.
5.   I may be able to have a vacation next year.

I hope your Thursday has been a good day. Take time to do something creative before your day is over.

If you have thoughts to share please leave me a comment. I greatly appreciate your input.

Jo Ann


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