365 Creativity Project-Day 145

Journal entry:

Journal 6-2-20120001

I was reading about repetition in poetry and poems by some poets who had committed suicide. The ideas coalesced into the following poem. I like that it developed in rhyme, even though there is no formal scheme to the rhymes. It was not exactly prompted, more like inspired…

May They Rest, Blessed

Tell me please
That all these
Who were among
The best of us
But died so young
By own hands slain
Did not die in vain.

For I wonder
At their voices
And I ponder
That their choices
Left the world
So much bleaker
And us so much weaker.

Their facility
Such talented ability
To weave such art
Should not have
So quickly depart
Leaving us no salve
To mend our souls.

God bless them
And gather them
To His breast
In sweet congress
To create for Him
Some sweet hymn
Or glorious work of art.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Saturday, June 2, 2012



My new books…


The book I chose to read first…

I am grateful:

1.   My books arrived.
2.   My sister-in-law, Linda, has retired.
3.   I think these books are going to be very helpful.
4.   I have discovered some very good blogs.
5.   Although Mom was sick earlier, she is feeling better, and has eaten.

I hope your Saturday has been satisfying. Think of something that touches your heart and write a poem about it, or do something else that engages your mind creatively.

Please leave a comment expressing your thoughts.

Jo Ann


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