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365 Creativity Project-Day 166

Journal entry in answer to the prompt I posted in yesterday’s blog entry:

Journal 6-23-20120001

The prompt at Rosemary Mint evoked this poem. The words in italics were given in the prompt. If you like, visit that site and see what the word list produces with you.

Under The Influence

A bit of absinthe
Mixed up with clover honey
In a paper cup
Has taken troubles away
And made me delirious.

I wake to the sound
Of radio under peach
Trees in an orchard
Where it is not very wise
To linger with the pixie.

I seek to subtract
Myself from the pristine scene
Returning to art
Before I am discovered
Missing from my normal days.

What a fine story
I have now to tell others
Of my erstwhile dream
Where I was fully beguiled
To flaunt my inhibitions.

Only finally
I hope to capture in words
The greater magic
Of days when I travelled far
From my own lofty reason.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Saturday, June 23, 2012







I am grateful:

1.   Mozart created music I can enjoy these many years after his demise.
2.   Birds sing.
3.   The sun continues to rise.
4.   The moon graces the sky at night.
5.   The stars are always shining bright to lend us some mystical light.

I sincerely hope your Saturday has gone well. I am sure your day has produced some material from which you can create. So get busy and make something that can brighten your life. You are not confined to any certain discipline, just use your wonderful imagination.

If you are in need of prompting begin with the words: Today is… and go from there. You will no doubt be surprised by what appears on the page. You might not be aware of the significance of the day, but your mind and heart are. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to what you produce in the comments here.

Thank you so much for reading. I would love to have your thoughts on my musings, please leave your comments below.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 165

Journal entry:

Journal 6-22-20120001

Writer’s Debate

I often wonder,
Do words obey my command
As they march across
The page, or am I only
A recruit in their service?

It is hard to say
Who exerts the upper hand,
For the force of words
Appears from out of nowhere,
So should I really claim them?

Could someone other
Than myself not better lead,
Giving direction?
Are these words rightly mine or
Are they only here on loan?

Is there a bank where
I have some lines on account
From which I sometime
May withdraw until surely
Resources are exhausted?

Is inherited from God,
But the words themselves,
Am I truly their master
Or am I only their slave?

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, June 22, 2012








I am grateful:

1.   The drive to town went safely.
2.   I have the opportunity to talk to Mom about family history.
3.   I am making a record of my days.
4.   I wrote my poem and journal entry before going to town.
5.   My eyes allow me to see the world and interact with it.

Another week is almost ended and it is Friday again. I hope the day has been rewarding for you. It would be excellent if you took some time to do something creative. Write a journal entry, a poem, a story, or an essay, take a photograph, draw a picture, just do something that exercises your creativity.

If you need a prompt to prime your imagination, write about happiness. You could detail your happiest moment, or why you feel happiness is elusive, or approach it from any angle you desire. Mostly I want you to enjoy the writing and hopefully entice yourself to feel positive. If you use this prompt, please leave a comment with a link to your work so myself and others can share it.

I hope you found something edifying here. If so, please leave a comment.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 164

Journal entry:

Journal 6-21-20120001

The prompt that encouraged today’s poem can be found at Trifecta. You might visit that site if you need a topic to inspire you.

Genuine Freedom

I am not now blue,
Melancholy does not cling
Tight upon my breast,
Though I have every excuse
To visit deep depression.

No, I made a choice
To make the best of these days,
Picking happiness
Over darker blue feelings;
I am not so much lonely.

I have found my own
Company very pleasant,
Little argument
Happens between me, myself,
And I; there is blissful peace.

Low spirits do not
Dog me, dragging me down to
Roll around in waste;
I have overcome sadness
And risen above the muck.

These days may not be
Perfect, but neither are they
The worst I have seen,
So I continually
Rejoice in my liberty.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Thursday, June 21, 2012







I am grateful:

1.   I have friends who encourage me.
2.   My Mom believes in me.
3.   I have a wonderful companion in my dog, Hope.
4.   Success is more than just what the world sees in me.
5.   God is in control, and it is not all left up to me.

I hope your Thursday has gone exceedingly well. Did you do something that nourished your soul and exercised your creativity yet? If not, I urge you to do it now. The hours are slipping away and you can never retrieve them. Make something to commemorate this day of your life, for your life is a great treasure. You are a gift that has never before and will never again grace the Earth. God created you for greatness, if only in the lives of those who are close to you. You are significant.

If you need a prompt today, write about your fears. This subject can shake up your life and make you aware of areas in which you need improvement. It can be a revelation if you bury your fear deeply. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments so I and others may visit your work.

I hope something in this entry touched you. If so, please leave me a comment.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 163

Journal entry:

Journal 6-20-20120001

My poem today is in answer to the prompt at Poetic Asides. I think I may have taken it in a totally different direction than was intended, but I went where the words led me. If you need inspiration, please visit that site, and see where the prompt leads you.

Straight Line, Right Angle

My life is not one
Straight line engraved across time;
It wobbles and curves
Shifting with necessity
Between each destination.

My days lead me forth
From person to person on
Interesting paths;
Painting my story in bright
Colors that bloom before me.

Incidents happen
That cast me about without
Care for my being;
Like a boat caught in a storm
Which tests determination.

The days are crafted
With exquisite pieces drawn
From many places;
Abounding in such phrases
As answer many questions.

My life is not made
Of one straight line, but wanders
Like a pencil held
In the hand of an artist;
Drawing beauty from nothing.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Wednesday, June 20, 2012






I am grateful:

1.   There is a trace of God’s great creativity in all of us.
2.   The call to write has been present throughout my life.
3.   Some believe my writing inspirational.
4.   Talent can be nurtured into greatness.
5.   I am capable of learning and growing in skill.

Wednesday has come again, I hope it has found you well. If you have not already created something, do it now. The moment will escape you if you fail to capture it some way.

My prompt for you today is to write about your process of writing: The what, when, how, why, and where of your writing. Approach it any way that ignites your imagination. I think you will find an endless supply of words on the subject. If you use this prompt leave a link to your work in the comments so I and others can read what you created.

I love comments, they help me know what I am doing right and where I need improvement. Please leave yours below.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 162

Journal entry:

Journal 6-19-20120001

The prompt for my poem today came from Carry On Tuesday. I encourage you to visit that site if you are in need of a bit of inspiration.

Question Of Worth

I wonder sometimes,
Is there anybody there?
Are you listening?
Do you have any reason
To pay attention, and care?

My errant words go
Out into the atmosphere
Seeking hearts to move,
Lives to touch with gentleness
Bringing some new awareness.

Yet I never know,
Is there anybody there?
I could be speaking
Only to shadows who have
No souls to be soft caressed.

I write tempting fate
To bury significance
Under layers of
Deepest darkest ignorance,
Lost to almost everyone.

It often makes me
Feel I must work much harder
To make some meaning,
And still I wonder sometimes,
Is there anybody there?

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Tuesday, June 19, 2012



One minute to midnight, or noon if you rather…


Finished books with prompts I created on each page…


Title and invocation page for my prompt books…

I am grateful:

1.   I slept in a bit, after a very late night.
2.   The writing came easily today.
3.   We stayed home.
4.   My life has meaning, although there are problems.
5.   I pursue writing even though it seems unreasonable at times.

I hope your Tuesday has brought you many smiling moments. Use a few of them to create something that is meaningful to you. When you bring yourself to the page or canvas you legitimize your presence in the world. You may motivate others to excel in their struggles.

As a prompt today, I would like you to write a letter or poem of encouragement to someone you do not really know, someone who mostly goes unnoticed and receives little appreciation for the contributions he or she makes to your life. Maybe your postal person, your hair stylist, a wait person at a restaurant, a cashier at a store you frequent, or anyone who is really behind the scenes of making your life more pleasant. Post your work and leave a link in the comments here so I and those who visit can read your creation, then give it to the person you had in mind to inspire them.

I hope today’s entry made an impression on you, if so, or if you have any suggestions… please leave me a comment.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 161

Journal entry:

Journal 6-18-20120001

Capturing Imagination

Creation does wait
For the opportune moment
To fully burst forth
From busy occupied brains
That hasten into more work.

Creation chooses
Those who aspire to the craft
Making sure plenty
Of grandest inspiration
To produce glorious art.

Creation lapses
From blind leading ambition
Wanting rather those
Who over intervening
Years cast a net of desire.

Creation muses
On those who dedicate time
To following steps
That rise into the heavens
Reaching to touch twinkling stars.

Creation blesses
Those who spend the waking hours
Chasing the shadows
Cast long inside ready hearts
Hinting at awesome rewards.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, June 18, 2012





Close up of lamb…


Angel figurine holding bird with broken wing, which I painted…

I am grateful:

1.   John Cena won against Big Show last night.
2.   I woke up fairly early.
3.   I had encouraging comments on the blog today.
4.   Mom taught me to read and write.
5.   Writing is a great joy.

I hope your Monday has been productive. Take time to create. You have all the talent you need, and you have the time. Make something that moves your heart and mind.

If you need a prompt for inspiration, try writing about creation. Approach it from any direction that appeals to you. You are the best judge of what you should do. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below, so that I and others can see what you made.

If you liked what you read, or if you have suggestions, please leave me a comment.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 160

Journal entry:

Journal 6-17-20120001

Today’s poem uses the wordle at The Sunday Whirl. The words in italics were suggested there. If you are in need of inspiration please visit that site.

Heart Songs

Our current paths trace
A rough draft through our spare days
And blend together
Easing the racket into
A soft and gentle refrain.

The crack of our smile
Diminishes our temper
With a winding string
Of happiness we can latch
Onto every single day.

We strike out anew
Each morning with a full chest
Accomplishing all
Our imagination draws
Our hearts toward finishing.

We write beautiful
Lines across the fabric of
The whole universe,
Our lives are songs woven through
The moments of passing time.

Great inspiration
Wells up within us bringing
That we will create pleasing
Things which stand throughout the years.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Sunday, June 17, 2012



The church we attended today…


Another view…

I am grateful:

1.   Leigh visited and carried off our trash last night.
2.   Laura invited me to church.
3.   I woke up in plenty of time to get ready this morning.
4.   I enjoyed the Catholic church services.
5.   Alex is doing well even though he is in Afghanistan.

I hope you are having a pleasant Sunday. If you have not already, take time to create something. You have the gift of creativity needed to accomplish something of great worth.

If you need a prompt today and choose not to use the wordle mentioned above, write about your relationship with your father or being a father. Should you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

I would love to know what you think of today’s entry, so please leave me a comment.

Jo Ann

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