365 Creativity Project-Day 174

Journal entry:

Journal 7-1-20120001

The poem today was inspired by The Sunday Whirl. The words supplied are in italics. If you like, visit that site and make something of the words yourself.

Body Language

Snapshots hanging on
Thin walls which barely stand in
Place between us and
Other people who utter
Words through lips hardly moving.

We touch someone’s skin
Our gesture sent in an act
Of sweet compassion
Measured out completely free
Of our premeditation.

Our stories are told
In open eyes, gentle hands,
Bringing emotion
To the surface of our lives,
Spreading it among people.

We are determined
By our interaction with
Everyone we know
Whether lover, family,
Friend, or even hated foe.

Our bodies know truth
Without our mind’s intention
Shouting our meaning
Loudly and clearly before
All the world surrounding us.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Sunday, July 1, 2012






I am grateful:

1.   I received an email from Alex this morning.
2.   I talked to Laura a few minutes.
3.   Life has its rewards.
4.   I get to spend time with my Mom.
5.   I have my dog, Hope, sharing my life.

I hope your Sunday has been peaceful and relaxing. Now it is time for you to spend some time creating. You are uniquely gifted to make something that will contribute to our world. You are special and your talents give you the ability to do something that adds value to your life.

If you need a prompt today, write about one thing you are looking forward to in the coming week. You can write a poem, journal entry, story, or paint a picture. Just capture your longing and your hope. Tell us your fondest expectation. If you use the prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments on this blog so others can see your creation.

I hope you found something enjoyable in this blog entry. I would love to share your thoughts, so please leave a comment. Thank you so much for visiting this blog and sharing your time with me.

Jo Ann


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  1. #1 by brenda w on July 1, 2012 - 6:15 pm

    Your piece is filled with hope and integrity. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself here. Your creativity project is inspired. You GO!

    • #2 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on July 1, 2012 - 9:52 pm

      Brenda, thank you. High praise for ramblings. I hope what I share touches some hearts. My creativity project is an ever evolving thing. I never dreamed it would become so involved. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      I am doing a crazy 24 Hour Zine Thing sometime this month, I hope you will visit again and see what becomes of that.

  2. #3 by Kiril on July 2, 2012 - 12:26 am

    A moving tribute to your son.

    Nikita, Elvira, and I send best wishes to Alex, Laura, and you…patriots all!

  3. #5 by Tumblewords on July 2, 2012 - 1:13 am

    Very nice – touching and thoughtful work.

    • #6 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on July 2, 2012 - 5:44 pm

      Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it. Life unfolds in interesting ways.

      Please come visit again.

  4. #7 by rosemary mint on July 2, 2012 - 9:36 pm

    Love this: “Our bodies know truth
    Without our mind’s intention”

    • #8 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on July 2, 2012 - 9:52 pm

      Thank you, some lines just work well… I am glad you liked them.

      Please come back and visit again.

  5. #9 by katiegirl06460 on July 4, 2012 - 10:26 am

    loved this entry as much as the other entries. It reminds us to cherish life in all of it stages…it is about sacrificing and choices we make.

    • #10 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on July 4, 2012 - 7:56 pm

      I am so glad you enjoy what I write. You must have read a while. I appreciate you taking time to comment.

      Sacrifice keeps us humble and helps us serve others.

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