365 Creativity Project-Day 207

Journal entry:

Journal 8-3-20120001

Season’s Ending

Summer will soon fade
Like the setting of the sun
On a shiny day,
And Autumn will bring with it
A cooler kinder climate.

August remains with
The scorching heat that roasts us
When we venture out
Beyond the reach of filtered
Cool air-conditioned places.

The last new blossoms
Give up their awesome glory,
Leaving memories
To hold us through the waning
And the brittle days ahead.

School begins again,
The children return to their
Classes and studies,
Leaving the frolicsome hours
Of their vacation behind.

We welcome the Fall,
Quitting the sweltering heat
For days of softer
Weather where trees cast off green
Clothing for golden splendor.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, August 3, 2012








I am grateful:

1.   I had money to pay my insurance.
2.   I was able to schedule an annual exam for Hope and Ko-Ko.
3.   Laura resolved a snafu and registered for college classes.
4.   My all-in-one works for scanning and printing each day.
5.   We had shrimp for supper and Mom enjoyed it.

I hope this has been a wonderful Friday for you. Take time to use your imagination to create something. You have the ability to bring a new vision to life.

My prompt for you today is to write about the turning of seasons. You might write a celebratory poem, a story set in changing time, or a journal entry musing on how time passes. If you are a visual artist capture something that signifies seasonal change. If you use this prompt please leave a link to your work in the comments below so we may share it.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

Jo Ann

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