365 Creativity Project-Day 211

Journal entry:

Journal 8-7-20120001

The prompt for today’s poem comes from Carry On Tuesday. It is actually a line I had been musing on for a while so it was very apt for me. If your muse needs some prodding go to that site.

With Regards To Shakespeare

All the world’s a stage,
Every creature plays a part
Making wonderful
The world we exist within
During evanescent days.

We unknowingly
Influence every other
Life on the planet,
Without premeditation
Through our casual actions.

At work in all our living
Shapes even nature
In benevolent fashion
To complement every need.

The entire world stands
Prepared to fulfill desires
Expressed honestly
With consideration for
The will of sovereign God.

All the world’s a stage,
True generosity plays
A very crucial
Role in making it pleasant
To live in our universe.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Tuesday, August 7, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   We did not have to go out.
2.   I stayed up despite such an early rising.
3.   Alex and I had a great conversation.
4.   Placing an order by phone was painless and saved some money over the website.
5.   My friend, Claudia, was pleased with my small gifts and called me to thank me.
6.   Although my Mom fell last night, she was not seriously hurt, and is only sore.

This has been a day of overwhelming happiness for me, and I hope you have enjoyed many pleasurable moments. Take a little time to engage your creativity. If you are not inspired, write just a few lines, and maybe it will lead to more. Doodle if you do not feel you can paint. Snap a few shots, even if the composition seems lacking. Use your talent and you will find the energy to do a bit more next time, or perhaps a couple days from now.

Your prompt today is taken from one of my own poems: We write beautiful lines across the fabric of the whole universe. See what that brings to mind or use only parts of it. If you use the prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below, so we may share your creation.

I hope your visit here has been pleasant. If you have comments or suggestions, please share them with me. I love your input.

Jo Ann

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