365 Creativity Project-Day 273

Journal entry:

Journal 10-8-20120001


It is not so
Easy placing these words
Upon the empty waiting page
I am not always completely inspired
Words, lines, sentences can fail me,
But I know I must keep
On, continue

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, October 8, 2012


The color green smells
Like pine needles, fresh cut grass,
And cedar branches
It is clean, clear, beautiful,
Something invigorating.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, October 8, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   Cameras have become digital.
2.   Books are a good value.
3.   So many things are instant.
4.   Alex called this evening.
5.   Love spans all dimensions.

I hope you have had a very good Monday. My day has been very quiet. If you can spare a few moments, I encourage you to do something creative. What you make will last into the future.

As a prompt, write about technology. Maybe you want to write about what you have experienced, or what you think will happen in the future. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or criticism, please leave a comment. You might want to follow Chronicles if you would like daily updates.

Jo Ann


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  1. #1 by klippsjournal on October 27, 2012 - 3:05 pm

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. The idea for it is good. The choice to do it is great. But remember choices can always be taken back and me ones created to replace them. BW

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