365 Creativity Project-Day 290

Journal entry:

Journal 10-25-20120001

The following poem is a farcical comment on our times…

Utter Disbelief

Are you serious?
Did you mean to say those words?
I think you might be
Mistaken, thinking wrongly,
Surely this cannot be true.

I have been counting
On our lasting forever
I made many plans
For our future, not knowing
You would ever change your mind.

Love is our bedrock
We have built our lives around
Each other with no
Intention of letting go
Of one another today.

It is not certain,
I can scarcely believe it,
You cannot mean it,
There is too much going for
Us for it to be over.

Tell me why you have
Suddenly changed your status,
All our friends will know.
Facebook is so important,
Why say you are single now?

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Thursday, October 25, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   I slept well last night.
2.   The doctor said Mom looked well today.
3.   I found the calendar I wanted for next year.
4.   The dog toys were marked down at Sam’s Club.
5.   I was able to get an appointment for Hope since she is sick.

It has been a good Thursday for me. I hope your day was pleasant. Take time to exercise your creativity now. You have time to do it, if you will only devote yourself to it. You have the talent to excel, so use it.

I challenge you to write a sarcastic poem. Maybe it could be a comment on society, a situation you have faced, a celebrity, a public figure, or whatever lights your imagination. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

I am so glad you chose to visit my blog. If you have a comment, please leave it for me to read. Following Chronicles is easy, so do it if you like.

Jo Ann


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