365 Creativity Project-Day 307

Journal entry:

Journal 11-11-20120001

My poem today is in answer to the prompts at Poetic Asides and The Sunday Whirl. The words in italics come from the wordle. All errors are my own. If you would like inspiration I suggest you visit these wonderful sites.

Veteran Warrior

The days are rocky
Although he can never brook
The evil brought on
By the phantom beliefs held
In hearts on the other side.

Life is sometimes dry
And hollow beyond these walls
Where leaping into
New foxholes is not allowed
And birds sing sweet in the wood.

The bombs do not drop
Round him anymore, but he
Screams at the sound of
A basketball dribbled when
He is in a fitful sleep.

He tries to fit in,
But his family knows it
Is not happiness
Always even though they try
To make him comfortable.

He is at peace now,
Or he is supposed to be,
But the war does not
End just because the battle
Is finally over there.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Sunday, November 11, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   Our veterans and currently active military chose to serve.
2.   Mom ate a bit better today.
3.   My Aunt Betty called.
4.   My nephew, Jeremy, came by briefly.
5.   Mom slept well last night.

I woke up at a few minutes after 6:00 this morning. My alarm was set for 8:30, but I decided to get up anyway. The day has been rewarding. I hope your Sunday has brought you much needed rest and relaxation. Now I urge you to rally yourself and use your creativity to make something that will positively influence the world. You have the seeds of greatness within you, just allow them to flower in imaginative creation.

As a prompt, write about what veterans mean to you. Surely you have some opinion, express it. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

I appreciate your visit to my blog. If you enjoyed what you found here, please consider following Chronicles. I know you may have thoughts, suggestions, or criticism to share with me, so please leave a comment.

Jo Ann

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  1. #1 by margo roby on November 12, 2012 - 7:22 am

    This is quite special in your understanding of the battle that never ends. The middle stanza is particularly heart wrenching. I had a close friend, a vet from the Vietnam war and he told me he used to hit the bedroom door running if sirens went by while he was sleeping.

    As always, I love how you keep your blog.

    • #2 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on November 15, 2012 - 3:18 pm

      Margo, my Dad was a WWII veteran and sometimes when he was napping I would wake him unintentionally when playing basketball outside. He would be shaky and scared when he awoke with a jump, but he never told me I could not play. I know veterans and their families go through a lot.

      I am glad you like my blog, please do visit more often.

  2. #3 by purplepeninportland on November 14, 2012 - 11:01 pm

    Not only did you cover two prompts, but did it expertly. Just beautiful writing. Nothing so true as that ending.

    • #4 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on November 15, 2012 - 3:27 pm

      Thank you. I was afraid the first verse was inept, but hoped it worked. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. I thought the last verse was the best… it is very true.

  3. #5 by brenda w on November 16, 2012 - 10:28 am

    Strong write, Jo Ann. I love your insight into veteran issues, and your willingness to share personal experiences with your readers. Your heart rings true in this piece.

    • #6 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on November 23, 2012 - 12:28 am

      Brenda, my Dad was a veteran of WWII and my son is a US Marine, so those issues are close to my heart. I know a bit of what they go through.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  4. #7 by magicalmysticalteacher on November 17, 2012 - 1:57 pm

    I doubt the war ever ends for any soldier, just because he or she left the battlefield 10 or 20 or 40 years ago.

    The Whirl: Seven with Simon

    • #8 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on November 23, 2012 - 12:32 am

      It did not for my Dad… He worked through it, but those years could be back with a sudden noise or movement.

      Thank you for reading.

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