365 Creativity Project-Day 325

Journal entry:

Journal 11-29-20120001

The following poem is in answer to the prompt on Poetic Asides. You might travel over to that site if you need inspiration.

Created For Greatness

Today and every
Day I rise with greater hope,
Because I believe my life
Has an intrinsic meaning.

The Lord blesses me
Far more than I imagine
With gifts beyond my
Greatest need and I am born
Into heaven’s family.

My experience
Although sometime troubled here
Is definitely
Worth celebrating with joy
Because happiness abounds.

I may have little,
But I have been given quite
Enough to fulfill
And satisfy the basic
Necessities of my life.

Born to taste glory
I live anticipating
The coming of Christ
Who will instantly change me
To fit in eternity.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Thursday, November 29, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   I have not coughed quite so much today.
2.   I can see the colors of the world around me.
3.   I can read and learn new things.
4.   I can discover answers to my questions easily online and by phone.
5.   Windows Live Writer allows me to alter the look of my blog beyond what is available through the WordPress editor.

I hope you have had a wonderful Thursday. Mine has been very low key. Now I suggest you use your imagination and creativity to do something great. You can share your gifts and talents with the world if you will attempt it. There are so many who are only waiting to see what you make.

As a prompt, write about how fonts have influenced your life. Maybe you have thought little about it, but take a few moments to write about the text all around you. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am open to your thoughts, suggestions, or criticism, so please leave a comment. If you enjoyed your visit to Chronicles, you might want to follow the blog.

Jo Ann

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  1. #1 by Veronica Roth on November 30, 2012 - 12:09 am

    Oh thank goodness you are coughing less. JoAnn, I think you should say to yourself and those critics the phrase I say a lot: “Stuff ’em all!” Presonally I think that the font is yours. I feel you own it and it is a strong representation of your work. The minute I saw the new font it felt wrong, difficult to read, not nearly as friendly and foreign. Even though I don’t have a chance to comment on all your posts I do read the majority and so I’m used to seeing the friendly font. Also, there are just as many trends in fonts as there are in shoes. Apparently Comic sans-serif is not the new black, so what. Repeat after me: Stuff ’em all. 🙂 Oh, this from 2010:
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-11582548 too silly for words.

    • #2 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on November 30, 2012 - 12:54 am

      I am a little better Veronica.

      I thank you for your opinion on the font. I kinda think it belongs to me too. I have seen a lot of negative about Comic Sans, but I have always felt comfortable with it for the blog. I think it stands out, and like you I think it is friendly… Maybe one day designers will recognize its merits. I very well may do Day 326 in Comic Sans.

  2. #3 by startingthedialogue on November 30, 2012 - 12:20 am

    I agree with Veronica. Stick with the old font, or whatever font appeals to you. It’s your space to express yourself as you see fit. Trying to please the world means you aren’t putting the things that bring you pleasure first and that would defiitely be a mistake.
    As for your handwritten journal entries on the blog–please don’t go to computer generated text. It’s boring! Your handwriting gives me a feel for you as a real person and not someone just on the other side of a computer screen.

    Glad your cough is better!

    • #4 by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan on November 30, 2012 - 1:03 am

      Thank you Laura, I am so glad you commented on this. I think I am going back to Comic Sans. It is more mine.

      I am glad you like the handwriting. I thought it was more personal and honest than print, but I do not want to make it hard for people to read.

      Thank you again.

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