365 Creativity Project-Day 354

Journal entry:

Journal 12-28-20120001

Stuffed Companion

If I were a teddy bear
Would you love me and hold me
Tight all through the darkest night?

Would you keep me in your room
In a very special place
And share your moments with me?

If I were a teddy bear
Would you tell me your secrets,
Letting me inside your life?

Would you be happy with me
Every single day and night
Instead of discarding me?

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, December 28, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   I was able to catch a nap before going out today.
2.   We did not have to wait very long at Doctor Desai’s office.
3.   There was no one at Doctor Anjum’s office, so Mom was able to have her blood work drawn quickly.
4.   Sam’s Club was not crowded today.
5.   We were able to avoid Wal-Mart.

I hope you had a good Friday, my day was quite nice. Please take time to do something creative before your day is over. You can make a wonderful contribution to the world.

As a prompt, write about a teddy bear. Maybe one from your childhood, or metaphorically. Just use your unlimited imagination and write. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have something to say, please leave a comment. Subscriptions to Chronicles are available if you wish to sign up.

Jo Ann





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