Creativity Project Year Two-Day 22

Journal entry:

Journal 1-30-20130001



Freedom to love
Freedom to speak our minds
Freedom to become what we choose
Freedom to live life however we wish
Freedom to worship as we choose
Freedom to be ourselves
Freedom to give

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am grateful:

1.   My Droid gets weather alerts.
2.   I got a little extra sleep this morning.
3.   Though the weather was bad all day, we were safe.
4.   My cousin, Tricia, and her family are okay.
5.   For the first time we were invited to come to Linda’s during bad weather.


I hope your Wednesday was a pleasant day. I am glad the bad weather is finally past. Now before your day is over, engage your imagination and create something wonderful. You have so much to share with the world.

As a prompt, write about freedom. You might write a poem, story, or journal entry that explores the word. It is such a high concept and is so integral to life. I would love to read your creation, so if you use the prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Have thoughts, suggestions, or critique, please leave a comment. You may want to follow Chronicles for future updates.

Jo Ann


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