Creativity Project Year Two-Day 71

Journal entry:

Journal 3-20-20130001

The focus is a little off in the following photo, but I like the dreamy feeling of it. The colors really stand out.



Stray across my
Mind, reminding me of
Times regulated to the past
Where memories are left to fade away;
So I, after these many years
Gone by, cannot assert
Any control,

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am grateful:

1.   There is time enough to work creatively.
2.   I don’t have to keep up with all my email, though I like to do so.
3.   I called the vet today about Penny and am going to get something to help her.
4.   Mom enjoyed the supper I prepared.
5.   My class tonight showed me some new techniques.


This was a good Wednesday. I hope you found some happiness in your day. Creativity enhances our lives and the lives we touch through our work. I encourage you to invest some time in exploring your imagination. Give yourself a chance to work without engaging your critic. Just create for the joy of it…

As a prompt, use the word echoes in a poem, story, or journal entry. Let your mind wander and make connections to that word. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you will visit often, but you might also want to enter your email above and subscribe to Chronicles. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or criticism to share, please leave a comment. Tell me what is working and what you would like to see done differently here. I welcome your ideas.

Jo Ann


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