Creativity Project Year Two-Day 87

I do not have a journal entry for you today. Instead I have the beginning of a story. One that could happen to any of us. My character just happens to be the unfortunate one…

Journal 4-5-20130001


My poem is in answer to the prompts at NaPoWriMo and Poetic Asides. I combined the challenges, but you certainly do not have to do as I have done. Just follow the links for inspiration.

Ample Prospect

I am
Plus sized in more
Ways than you even think
Body, mind, personality;
Plus sized.

You might
Think me a bit
Unattractive, but just
Give me an opportunity
To shine.

I will
Really surprise
You with intelligence,
God given talent that exceeds

Take heart,
I will never
Disappoint you because
I am more than you expected;
God blessed.

I am
Plus sized in more
Ways than you even think
Body, mind, personality;
Plus sized.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, April 5, 2013


I am grateful:

1.   I stayed up all night working, just lost track of time.
2.   I finished the new Sweetwater Camera Club Featured Members page for the May issue of the Chapel Hill News & Views.
3.   I designed this page from a blank template in InDesign CS6.
4.   My mentor was pleased with my work.
5.   The publisher was happy with it too.


This is the page. The blank space at the bottom is for advertisements that the publisher will add.

I have had an extremely long Friday and am late getting this done, but it has been very rewarding. I hope your day was good. I encourage you to engage your imagination and create something to amuse the world. I know you have the ability if you will only use your creativity.

As a prompt, write about a situation in which words could go amiss. You might write a poem, a story, or a journal entry. This lends itself to tragedy or humor, which will you choose? Please leave a link to your work in the comments below should you use this prompt.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I apologize for my lateness with this entry. I could blame it on my mile walk with my puppy dog, Hope, except it was a tremendous joy. I hope you will find your way back here again, but you might want to enter your email address in the space provided above and subscribe to updates from Chronicles. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or criticism to share, please leave me a comment.

Jo Ann



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  1. #1 by danadampier on April 6, 2013 - 12:56 am

    That’s a very interesting and believable short story… I just wonder what happens next! I love the poem because I can relate… I’m plus sized too!

  2. #2 by kiril kundurazieff on April 6, 2013 - 10:27 pm

    Intriguing story, great poem!

    As for “a situation in which words could go amiss.” I used to wear a t-shirt I had made to promote my cat blog when I only had one pussycat…. In big read letters were the words “Ask me About My Pussy” and underneath, in black, was “Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat” and the blog url.

    Now, women of a certain age, and bygone era, laughed themselves silly when they saw it…The younger generation, more familiar with the usage of that word in a vulgar fashion…well if cold stares could kill. 😀

    A little historical and literary history lesson usually brought a grudging smile.. 😀

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