Creativity Project Year Two-Day 89

Journal entry:

Journal 4-7-20130001


This poem combines the prompts from NaPoWriMo and Poetic Asides. You might visit those sites for inspiration, though I do not recommend you combine them as I have…

The Show Of Shows

The grandest stage of them all, where champs are made and losers fall.
A night of nights for fans who cheer and stars who shine.
We witness greatness and sore defeat, where some play fair, others cheat.

80,676 there live to cheer their favorites on to victory.
Countless fans tuning in around the world, like Mom and I here at home.
The show was great, some matches almost too close to call.

Did you by chance tune in to see WrestleMania Twenty-Nine’s pageantry?

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Sunday, April 7, 2013


I am grateful:

1.   Mom was okay with staying home this morning.
2.   I tried to sleep away the pain, and caught up a little sleep.
3.   I ordered WrestleMania 29 on Friday, so I did not run into the problems some fans did tonight.
4.   I talked to Alex overnight.
5.   WrestleMania was impressive and Mom and I were able to watch it together.


I did not quite accomplish all I wished this Sunday, because I was too uncomfortable to go to church. I hope your day was a complete success. I encourage you to take time to unleash your imagination and engage your creativity. You bring so much to the world if you only make an effort.

As a prompt, write about an event you enjoy watching or participating in. This could be anything about which you are passionate. Write a poem, story, or journal entry and leave a link to your work in the comments below.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please excuse the lateness of this post. The telecast kept me occupied this evening. I am so glad I wrote the journal entry early. Time got away from me though. I hope that you enjoyed your visit here and that you will subscribe to Chronicles for future updates. I usually don’t dwell on wrestling like this, but I suppose I have become a fan. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or criticism to share, please leave a comment.

Jo Ann


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