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Long Time No See…

Hello! I have a journal entry to share and some pictures. I hope you will excuse me for being away so long.

2014-07-21 Journal0001

2014-07-21 Journal0002

Here are a few pictures of the new and improved me… These were taken on July 14, 2014 which was my 51st birthday.






I am grateful:

1)   I have been able to increase my fitness.
2)   My eyesight has improved.
3)   I am much happier than I was several months ago.
4)   My confidence has increased.
5)   I have tools to help me in becoming more fit.
6)   I have a Kindle Paperwhite.
7)   I have become a better cook and have begun to enjoy it somewhat.
8)   I finally finished cutting the acreage and yard today for the first time this year.
9)   I have some nice new clothes that fit.
10) I have my Mom, a home, and an adorable puppy dog.

I hope you will find your way back here. I may begin to make some more regular updates because I desperately need to get back to writing.

Jo Ann


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