Come On, You Know You Want To


I am not asking anything you find impossible. You need to do this for yourself. A few minutes a day to explore your creativity is all you need. It will be beneficial in many ways. I would explain them, but if you are like most, you probably already read about the helpfulness, or have personal experience with the positive outcomes. So get busy with your chosen art or craft.

This was a crash day. I went to bed at 2:30AM after staying up all night Friday and all day Saturday. I slept until 10:00AM when the alarm, which had been going off thirty minutes, finally roused me. I fixed breakfast for Mom and I, ate mine, and left her at the table as I went back to bed. I asked her to call me at 1:00PM, but she fell asleep too. She called me at 1:30PM. We ate lunch and I fell back asleep on the couch. She must have slept too, because when I woke at 5:00PM she was snoring. I fixed supper, then woke her. We ate and I got busy walking. I called my best friend, Reba, and my niece, Leigh, and talked to them as I walked. I also read as I walked later.

The secret of my weight loss has been walking, but I do not do any exercise well if I have to concentrate on it. I read, talk on the phone, or as now, write on my tablet while I walk. I also walk circles inside the house most of the time. Weather does not hinder me. I believe you have to work around your own preferences to be successful at maintaining a weight you are happy with. I am not of the blood, sweat, and tears school of exercise. I get bored with it, so I do things to keep my mind entertained. I have to keep my mind busy anyway because of my Schizo-Affective disorder which even on medication will take over if I give it an idle mind to work on.

I have been very worried I was going to lose my Mom for a month because after we took a trip to see Alex’s promotion she collapsed. She hardly walked at all until the week of Christmas. Saturday she left the house for the first time since November 3, 2015. We went to my great-niece, Jayden’s, birthday party. Mom did very well and said she was not tired when we got home. I am so relieved. Caregiving is stressful enough without the added burden of thinking death is imminent for your loved one.

Christy and Jayden



The party was great. There were many people there and I was somewhat uncomfortable as I am in all social situations that involve crowds, but I survived. I took pictures with my point and shoot camera, but am not really pleased with most of them because I seemed not to point in the right place at the opportune time.

I am doing a gratitude list today. Join me in taking a few moments to note your blessings. It seems to help me stay positive and you may find it beneficial for you too.

I Am Grateful:

1) Mom did well going to the birthday party.

2) Jayden liked the gift we gave her.

3) Word on the tablet and One Drive allow me to walk as I write.

4) Amazon Prime Music allows me to stream music I like in the Explorer, here at home, and through headphones. It saves me subscribing to Sirius. I do not listen to commercial radio.

5) I have some awesome books to read on Kindle.

6) I finally opened my Prismacolor pencils, which I have been saving for years because I did not feel my art was worthy of their use.

7) I have coloring books to help relieve my stress.

8) After a week of constant problems, including Christmas Day, AT&T fixed my services.

9) I have two gift cards to spend.

10) I am blessed with wonderful friends and family.

Here is an original prompt to inspire you in your creative endeavors:

What happens when you finally go over the edge? Do you fall? Do you fly? Is the edge only a step along your path?

Carry this in whatever direction you wish, in any format you want to use. Write, draw, paint, take photographs, or whatever brings your vision to life. Do not edit, just use first thoughts, anything that comes to mind. Get to the heart of what you need to communicate.

Now get yourself busy and do it!

I will try to give you a prompt like this one each day I continue writing daily. I am committed to a month, but we will see if that works. Maybe if it does, I will keep going even longer.

The Edge Of Insanity

This pathway I take
Meanders around the edge
Of insanity
With all its stress and problems
And I cannot forego it.

I am prisoner
Of things incontrollable,
But I strive toward
Overcoming their hold on
The success of my living.

Each moment becomes
Proving ground for my limits
Of resourcefulness,
I am stronger than I look,
But weaker than I would wish.

I struggle forward
Attempting to stand alone
Never knowing when
I might fall over the edge
Into the quagmire so deep.

I am a fighter
With an unquenchable thirst
For sweet victory;
The prize allowing me chance
To live comfortable peace.

I go undaunted
By the constant challenge faced,
I will not let it
Overcome my good intention
To live a fulfilling life.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, January 4, 2016

This entry covers Sunday and into late night morning hours of Monday. I still count it as the one for January 3, 2016. I may have to write each day’s account after midnight so that I get my steps in. My Gear only counts some steps while I write on the tablet and some things I must do sitting at the computer. I have not learned how to copy & paste on a touchscreen or how to return one line as I have to in a poem or how to insert pictures from my SD drive. These things anchor me to my laptop.

Bless each of you. Please take time to subscribe to this blog if you enjoyed reading it. I would love to hear from you if you could leave a comment.

Jo Ann

  1. #1 by Gloria Cox on January 4, 2016 - 2:04 pm

    You are amazing in all that you do and your words are awesome and inspiring. I so enjoy following you. We miss you in Sunday School but know your hands are being His hands during this season of your life. Follow what we’re studying in SS on line with ReadyNow media. You’ll find lots of excellent studies there.

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