Sure You Can!


It is so easy to get wrapped up in negative mindsets. This is why there is such an industry of self-help books, classes, and seminars. We often have to be cajoled out of our detrimental grooves which keep us from achieving our goals and dreams. I know this hazard, because I fight it too. One has to move past it to get the work of success done. Today, I am telling you, you can do anything. That sounds wildly optimistic at first glance, but I truly believe it. I have done things I never thought possible, and I am no superhuman.

I lost 65 pounds in less than a year. I never dreamed that I could before I started. There were many things against me. I was over 50, on an anti-psychotic and an anti-depressant, did not enjoy exercise, and hated to eat right. I overcame these obstacles and I am now 135 pounds. Some people told me, you cannot start a diet in December because of the holidays, but I began on December 6, 2013. Some people say being over 50 makes weight loss almost impossible, but that was my age. Evidence says anti-psychotics and anti-depressants cause weight loss resistance and weight gain, but I could not discontinue my medications. Hating exercise makes weight loss difficult, but I got a Samsung Galaxy Gear, began using the pedometer function and walked, walked, walked. I do not like hot nor extremely cold weather so I did almost all my walking indoors. I did not change my dietary habits much, but I put the MyFitnessPal app on my cellphone and followed its suggestions on calorie intake. I was honest and counted everything I consumed. It is January 2016 and I am still the thinnest I have been since my teen years.

A while back, I wrote an entry per day on this blog for about a year and a half. I had never written every day that consistently. I have to take care of my mother and the household, plus I much prefer reading to writing every day. Lazy is my guess, but maybe it is more just some days ideas are hard to come by. My muse goes off to visit other more fortunate humans and leaves me uninspired. I do not know who exactly borrows that flighty creature, but I wish they would find one of their own and quit taking mine from its rightful place. Anyway, I decided to try writing every day and I managed it. Not that it was easy or that I liked doing it on every day I did it, but I willed myself through it.

You are capable of such things, but you must believe it, believe in yourself. You must also be willing to dedicate yourself to working each day and make the necessary effort. It is not easy, some days you will want to quit. If you are like me, you will find reasons to skip what you need to do. Resistance is normal, a natural part of the process of doing things that are difficult. You can overcome it and keep going. You are strong, stronger than others believe, and stronger than you know. Do not let your life slip by you leaving a trail of regrets. Resolve to take charge of your life and destiny. No one else controls it. You, with the help of God (or whatever higher power you choose to believe in), who is always with you, are able to do all things you can imagine. I am absolutely certain of this.

If another person can be great, so can you. It is not easy, change never is, but it is doable. You can do it. You can be your own hero. Do not short sell yourself. Opportunity is there for you to grasp. Take it, be who you want to be and do not settle for less than your best. Write out a positive action list or motivational statements like I have given you here. Read over them when you are having a bad day or are tempted to give up. Such things can help keep you going in spite of daunting doubts and difficult times. You are a wonderful, creative, talented, gifted, extraordinary, and unique individual with the power to change your life, the lives of those around you, and ultimately the world. Get busy and do it! Do not doubt. Be sure you can…

I slept a good part of the day away again. Mom and I did our regular things. I walked less than six miles which is a bit less than I think I should. Normally, I try for at least eight miles, preferably more. I like to use at least 600 calories in exercise. Because I do not walk incredibly fast this requires eight miles.


I have a page in my coloring book I have been working on for a couple months now, not regularly, just when I decide I can, and I want to finish it. I am going to have to make it a priority. I am very tempted to move to another picture, maybe even another book, but I know leaving it undone would bother me. I like to finish things, even though sometimes I want to do something else. I am a perfectionist, which I know is a negative trait, and I am very bad about procrastinating. Procrastination is terrible, it keeps me from doing things in a timely manner and from completing what should be done. See, I told you I was no superhuman.

This NaJoWriMo (National Journal Writing Month) challenge is not easy. I have other things to do. I do not know what to write. My mind is a blank with no idea in sight. Inspiration is totally lacking. I am doing it anyway. I hope that you find my contribution entertaining or encouraging or inspiring. I know it is not the best work I am capable of doing, but sometimes getting the words you have inside written down is all you can do. I am no genius. I am not blessed with greatness at all times, if ever. (See that negativity slipping up on me. I tell you the enemy is crafty and constantly after me)

The pages for the Sweetwater Camera Club which are published in the Chapel Hill News & Views are due again soon. I, once again, do not want to work on them. This is crazy. I enjoy the work while I am doing it. Finishing it makes me feel great. I am very good at it. Still every month I struggle with getting started. I resigned on December 7, 2015 after almost four years doing the volunteer job. I was convinced to continue the work. I do not know why I chose to keep on, except I am not a quitter, the club has no one else to do the job, I like it once I start, and it does not take too much of my time. I have so many projects I would like to work on and sometimes I erroneously convince myself that the pages are keeping me from accomplishing those things. Truth is, nothing keeps me from doing anything I want to do but my own self. I am in charge of all that I do. I have the ability to accomplish anything I choose. This is true of all people.

Today brings another gratitude list. Join me by noting things for which you are thankful in your life. It can at times seem nothing is going right and there are so many desires, but writing a list can make one realize life is much better than it sometimes appears.

I Am Grateful:

1) I slept well, without nightmares.

2) I talked to my niece, Leigh.

3) I completed more than 10,000 steps.

4) I washed some laundry.

5) We have a washing machine and dryer.

6) We have clothes to wear.

7) We have clean water.

8) Tide Pods are excellent for cleaning laundry.

9) My bed is comfortable.

10) Mom seemed in good spirits.

Do you ever try to write poetry? It is not hard. I have been doing it almost all my life. I am not an expert and I use few forms. I can tell you I believe anyone who wants to do it can write. I am an equal opportunity poetry maker believer. You can do it, try now.

Effort Making

There is always some
Resistance to the things most
Needed to be done,
But we can accomplish much
If we are dedicated.

We choose our own goals
Being certain we want them,
Then we do the work
Necessary to make them
Become our reality.

We, each one of us,
Have creative energy
We must allocate
To the tasks we deem worthy
Undivided attention.

We are capable
Of much more than we ever
Imagine we are;
Life opens our abundant
Gifts and resources uses.

We choose to sometimes
Share facets of ourselves so
Others benefit
From what we have learned in life,
The raw experiences.

All this is duty
To being the very best of
Who we choose to be,
Making available more
Happiness within our world.

We are the people
Who are creating the things
That make wonderful
Happenings occur out where
Efforts change society.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Wednesday, January 6, 2016

This is my fifth entry and for January 5th, though I finished it later. I spend too much time on these to
always complete them on the proper day. My apologies for being somewhat a rule breaker. Must be the rebel in me.

Do whatever you can to make your dream come true. You are the only one who can complete the tasks with which you are purposed. I hope you are finding something helpful in my ramblings. Please take time to subscribe to this blog if you enjoyed reading it. I would love to hear from you if you would like to leave a comment.

Jo Ann

  1. #1 by Aaron on January 6, 2016 - 3:48 pm

    I took an anti psychotic and antidepressant all through high school, I also found it extreamly difficult to get myself motivated, I gained weight because I never felt like moving- literally I could’ve sat in a burning building and not find the motivation to get up, and I ate bad food and to much. Eventually I stopped taking the antipsychotic, I just took Zoloft, and it helped a TON. I ended up loosing a ton of weigh just from eating less, and I started walking as much as I could.

  2. #2 by danadampier on January 7, 2016 - 2:20 am

    I can promise you that your muse hasn’t visited me! Ha Mine is missing as well!

  3. #3 by sorrygnat on January 10, 2016 - 9:03 pm

    way to go girl; you are awesome!

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