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If We Were Aware


Often we do not see what is happening around and within us until after the time has passed. Our awareness is not tuned into the present. Much of the time we are ruminating over the past or fantasizing about the future. This is not an ideal way to live. Throughout time many of our most respected leaders have recommended we become more in touch with the now.

If we wish to contribute to our times in ways that are important, we must engage in every moment. Creativity is not something for which we can delve into our past to enact, nor project into the far future. The reality is now is where creation occurs. We work with the materials and details of today. We take a scene we see, a conversation overheard, an article or book read, and we turn them into something that influences others. Our ability as creators is attached to the present. We may reach people in the future, but our work does not originate there.

We must commit ourselves to paying attention, being mindful, becoming involved in each moment of every day we live. Time is a precious commodity, and we should never waste it in a daze of careless inattention. We invent our lives and thereby touch others. This is a task we should take up with determination. We cannot change the world in the past because there is no way to return there. We cannot make a difference by stepping into the future because it is not here yet. Only now, only today, in this present can we impact events. We are instruments uniquely equipped to use our creativity to contribute positively to our lives and those of others with whom we interact.

When we face life with a positive attitude, sharing our smiles and encouragement, we can do lasting good. No matter what may have happened in our past, today we can give the world something that will help make it a better place. Every human being has talents, gifts, creative energy to share.

I urge you to become more intimately involved in your life. Notice what is around you, pay attention to your thoughts, ideas, emotions, begin to employ your gifts, talents, abilities more effectively. You are unique, an individual with the power to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves, as you also achieve this yourself.

I suggest you take a few moments to examine and detail the things for which you are grateful. Gratitude has a way of improving mood and bringing happiness. Here is a short list of mine.

I am grateful:

  •  I learned how to use a new app that will improve my work.

  •  Magazines are available electronically from the library.

  • Conversation with my Mom is a gift I still enjoy.

  • Reading on my tablet is fun.

  • My current computer arrangement is excellent.

In this house of peace
I will have no argument,
No disagreement;
It is quiet, no one crying,
Tenderness is spoken here.


Engage your creativity with the following prompt: Express some ways or reasons why you and others can or should engage yourself in the present.

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There are many unhappy things in our world. My wish for you is happiness, prosperity, and a multitude of blessings. Be at peace and do well.

Jo Ann

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You Know It


You Know It

Maybe you do not realize all the knowledge you hold inside. Every moment since you arrived on Earth you have been gathering information and deducing facts and opinions from what you learned. You hold a universe of intelligence larger than even the most complicated computer. There is more known to you than you can fathom. Even so, all your experience, all the information you know, can be accessed with careful application. You need only open yourself to the flow of all your awareness. Make a habit of challenging your mind. Do things that require deep thought and concentration. These will expand your powers of perception and mindfulness.

When you feel comfortable, you are more likely to engage your creativity and make things you wish to share with others. Try to enter a state of relaxation before embarking on creative adventures. A peaceful mind is easier to access. Put on some music that calms you, center yourself by meditating or doing something that soothes you. Perhaps coloring, crocheting, knitting, painting, drawing, repetitive actions bring you to a comfortable state. Whatever makes you feel most at home in your skin, do it.

Do not mistakenly decide your knowledge or creations are unworthy of sharing. You might have just the information another person seeks. Your creation might be the thing that touches someone and changes their life for the better. You have more power to effect transformation than you realize. Make yourself a vessel of change by opening to all you hold within.

There is a logic and purposeful reason to all you accomplish. Your ability to influence the world is enormous. When you set out to achieve your dreams you not only improve your life but you make a positive impact on the universe. Other people find betterment because of your work. Nothing you do happens in a vacuum. You can inspire others to grow and fulfill their destiny. You have talents, gifts, abilities, that allow you to contribute great things to society. You make a difference. No one can take your place or create what you can and will.

This day is yours to alter the fabric of reality in a positive way. Dedicate yourself to positively giving your skills to build those you touch in life. Be an encourager and strive to be an inspiration. You can do so much. Nothing is beyond your creative scope. You are an agent of good.

Nothing is too hard
For you to achieve when you
Apply your effort
To creating an outcome
With a positive effect.

A bit of gratitude can improve life. Take a few minutes to make a list of things you are thankful for right now. Here is mine.

I am grateful:
1)   I have the ability to read and write.
2)   I was fortunate to be educated and gained a love of learning.
3)   I have a home that shelters me from the elements.
4)   There is plenty of food to nourish my body.
5)   The technology I possess helps me create.
6)   My mother is doing well though she is 87 years old and has Parkinson’s Disease.
7)   My dog, Hope, is a loving companion.
8)   I have opportunities to learn and grow.
9)   I have plenty of books to read.
10) Life is an adventure every day.

I hope this journal entry has inspired you. If you enjoyed it or gained from it, please visit my blog again. You are always welcome here. You can subscribe if you would like.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope all goes well for you and that you are showered with blessings.

Jo Ann



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