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365 Creativity Project-Day 331

Journal entry:

Journal 12-5-20120001


A design that is
Intelligent flows throughout
All of creation,
Beauty that transcends limits
Of imagination exists.

No random chance could
Have brought about such wondrous
Formations and life
Forms as are present in our
Widely diverse universe.

The great Creator
Turned His able hands to work
Making wonderful
Creatures and living things to
Delight himself and humans.

Still the Lord does not
Require anyone believe
In His omniscience
He simply leaves evidence
For each of us to discern.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Wednesday, December 5, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   I got a card from my friend, Ray.
2.   Alex came to visit today.
3.   Alex paid for the case and screen protector for my Droid.
4.   Alex’s old computer came on.
5.   I have written over 240 poems this year.

I had a great Wednesday, although I am still coughing quite a lot. I hope your day was rewarding. Make it better by using your creativity to make something fabulous to share with the world. I know you have the talent and ability to accomplish whatever you set your mind to doing.

As a prompt, write about some sort of design. You might have a different perspective to my own and might want to write in argument against my poem, or you might want to write about something else entirely. Just write. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

If you are a regular reader I hope you know how much I appreciate your loyalty. If you are new, I hope you enjoyed your visit. I recommend you subscribe to Chronicles if you would like daily updates. Your comments help me improve, so please leave one.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day Seventeen

A poem, a picture, and a journal entry:

Journal 1-26-20120001


Journal 1-26-20120002

Today is Thursday so it is gratitude list day.

I am thankful:

1.   Mom is feeling better today after being quite sick last night.
2.   The dogs were groomed yesterday.
3.   Some people are following my creativity project.
4.   Alex and I were able to communicate a while today.
5.   I have read five books so far this year.
6.   When my old laptop suddenly stopped working last night it was only because the power cord was disconnected and the battery dead.
7.   Penny is doing well despite congestive heart failure.
8.   I still have some money left and it is near the end of the month.
9.   I have internet access and a working laptop.
10.  I have a comfortable bed in which to sleep.

I am hoping to draw something for tomorrow. Drawing seems to be harder for me than creatively writing or taking photographs. I think I am less sure of my skill, especially with the Wacom tablet. This project is not to do things perfectly, but to make some creative effort daily. I made it intentionally broad in category so that any effort counts. I am pleased that I am still doing this project.

I hope your day brings you some inspiration that you can turn into a work of creativity.

Jo Ann

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Thankful List: Friday, December 2, 2011

I am thankful:

1.   Mom and I did not go out during the craziness of Black Friday.
2.   We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here at home.
3.   I took all the library books back to the library and am going to read some of my own books for a while.
4.   Alex is going to continue paying my Boost bill so I can keep my BlackBerry.
5.   Carrie Leigh and Jesse will visit this weekend.
6.   Laura and I are getting along well.
7.   Mom’s thyroid levels are back to normal.
8.   I am learning to use Windows 7 and the new Internet Explorer.
9.   My Mom is so good to me.
10.  I am feeling somewhat better. My stomach still is not normal, but it is not churning quite so bad.
11.  I was able to give Edith Leigh a few of my clothes that she liked.
12.  I used Shop Your Way Rewards to buy Carrie Leigh a jacket.
13.  I found some good online deals during Black Friday week and on Cyber Monday.
14.  Even though I am not going to meet my reading goal this year, I have read many books.
15.  My puppy dog, Hope is a constant joy to me.
16.  Mom is going out with June today, so I will have the house to myself.
17.  My nephew, Jeremy, no longer has responsibility for his nieces.
18.  Mom and I went to the courthouse and placed our votes early.
19.  I have some cute Christmas outfits for Hope.
20.  I was able to make this list. 

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Where I Ponder My Choices

I finished reading Overbite by Meg Cabot this evening. It was a very good novel with an unexpected, but satisfying ending. I am trying to decide on a new book to begin. Perhaps I have too many to choose from because I cannot seem to make up my mind. I am 9 books behind on my goal of reading 120 this year. This is disappointing, but the goal is only a target, not something I must complete.

The new Kindles are to be released next month, but I think I am waiting a while before I purchase one. In fact, I am in a holding pattern on most electronics. I want to wait for the next operating system before I get a new computer. I want to get the next model Nikon when it first comes out. I want to see if the next generation of tablets and e-readers are better. I am content with my BlackBerry, although I am considering an Android or iPhone if plans and pricing come down. My iPods are sufficient for the time being.

It seems I am regressing to older technology lately. I am so taken with the books I purchased at Borders’ going out of business sale and those I borrow from the library that I am hardly using my Kindle 3. I have started writing with an ink pen rather than on my computer and am enjoying seeing words fill my notebooks.

This entry was written in my notebook and copied so that I might add it to my blog.

Hope all of you are doing well.

Jo Ann

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Some Random Things You May Not Know About Me…

1.   I love my steak medium rare.
2.   I could spend unlimited amounts of money on books and eBooks.
3.   I treat my puppy dog, Hope, as if she is my second child.
4.   I am a very good editor and once published a magazine.
5.   I love electronic gadgets: computers, iPods, BlackBerry cellphones, Nikon digital cameras, digital video cameras, and my Kindle.
6.   I collect so many things my room is overly cluttered.
7.   I love my son, Alex, so much that it is often overwhelming.
8.   I don’t believe in buying songs from iTunes, but always buy my music on CD.
9.   I am a perfectionist, not a good thing at all, as it keeps me from trying things at times.
10.  I am very loyal, trusting, and love my friends and family very deeply.
11.   I have a slow temper, but once I am angry I can hold a grudge for a long time.
12.  I sometimes have a very dirty mouth, usually when angry.
13.  I hate to cook, but am quite good at it.
14.  My favorite color is red.
15.  The Rolling Stones are my favorite Rock stars and I have seen them in concert twice.
16.  I watch very little television and find it very irritating.
17.  I am a Christian, but have moderate attitudes.
18.  I have never flown on an airplane.
19.  I am very good at entertaining myself and almost never become bored.
20. I take care of my 81 year old mother who has Parkinson’s Disease and other maladies.
21.  I believe all people have unlimited creativity and special talents.
22. I love art and can draw and paint a bit.
23. I almost always wear Nikes.
24. I have had the same email address over ten years.
25. Some people say I am a talented writer, but I have not written creatively in a while.

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First Thankful List of 2011

I am thankful:

1.   I had a wonderful Christmas here at home with Mom.
2.  I took my BlackBerry Curve 8330 back to Sam’s Club because I was having many problems with it. Mom instead bought me the BlackBerry Curve 8530 from Best Buy. It is working much better for me. I do not worry about it all the time like I was doing with the other one.
3.  I got my Kindle for Christmas. I did not think I would like an e-reader a lot, but I absolutely love my Kindle. I am discovering and re-discovering many classics since I have the Kindle.
4.  Mom gave me $50.00 in a Kindle Store gift card and my niece, Leigh, gave me $25.00 in an Amazon gift card, so I have been able to buy content for my Kindle that is modern.
5.  Mom gave me $150.00 in Borders gift cards and my sister-in-law, Linda, gave $30.00 so I have been able to buy some excellent books. Especially love my Oxford American English Dictionary which I have been wanting for years. I bought some writing books as well, and a Borders Rewards Plus membership which will save me money all year. I still have around $32.00 to spend, so I may buy some eBooks to read on the computer, or more books from the store.
6. Alex sent me a teddy bear outfitted in Marine Corps fatigues with Mountz embroidered on the pocket just like his real uniforms.
7.  I am keeping a detailed calendar of what I do each day on my BlackBerry which transfers to Google calendar.
This helps me budget my time more wisely.
8.  I read 130 books in 2010. Most of them were very enjoyable and I learned a lot through my reading. My goal for 2011 is the same as last year: 120 or more books. However, I hope to write more during 2011 so that may effect how many books I can read. Writing is very time consuming.
9.  I went out to lunch with one of my friends from my old Sunday School class yesterday. It was very good re-connecting with her. I enjoyed our conversation a great deal.
10. I experienced a very blessed year in 2010 and am looking forward to a wonderful year in 2011. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so much love. For all the drawbacks I face in life I am still a very happy person. Much good fills my days.

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