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365 Creativity Project-Day 72

Journal entry and poem:

Journal 3-21-20120001

Journal 3-21-20120002



Decorative sign at Zaxby’s…


Another sign…


Malibu in parking lot…




Close up of pansies…


Another close up of pansies…

I am grateful:

1.   Mom’s bone density test went well.
2.   Lunch at Zaxby’s was delicious.
3.   Mom liked the cup I bought her and it was a surprise even though she was with me.
4.   The cleaning did not hurt much.
5.   I only had two cavities.

I hope your Wednesday went well. Take a few moments to do something creative.

Jo Ann


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365 Creativity Project-Day 52

Journal entry:

Journal 3-1-20120001

Some photographs:











I am grateful:

1.   My best friend, Reba, called me this morning and we talked a while.
2.   Reba bought a camper and will be able to enjoy it with her husband, Rob.
3.   The storms last night did not cause any damage.
4.   Hope and I walked a mile.
5.   Mom enjoyed the supper I cooked.

I hope each of you had a fine Thursday and accomplished something creative during your day.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day 25

My journal entry:

Journal 2-3-20120001

Some pictures:


The National Historic Site near my psychiatrist’s office.


Fig trees at dusk.




Camellia and bud.

I am so glad this day went well. There were a few idiots out driving, but I am always prepared for their exploits. We had an awesome lunch at Hudson’s Hickory House. I woke up craving barbecue, so we went there. Mom recommended that I get a coleslaw to go with my pork plate, and it made the meal even better.

I hope your Friday was pleasant, and wish you a peaceful weekend full of creative energy.

Jo Ann

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Beginning A Project For 2012

I am hoping to accomplish something creative every day forward for the year. Much of this will entail writing, but there will be some artwork, photography, crafts, and whatever else I come up with.

For today I took a picture of the books I am reading daily:


The two at the bottom I am reading aloud with my Mom as a Bible study. Our church is doing Read The Bible For Life this year, and although I do not attend, we are participating in the study. The other five I chose to read this year for personal edification.

The following is a scan of the hand written journal entry I made this evening:

Journal 1-10-20120001

I mentioned my new Invicta watch and I guess I should show you what it looks like:


I chatted with Alex a bit today and learned he is enjoying Hawaii. He has begun writing again, which I think is marvelous because Alex is very talented.

I am running out of time so this will be my creation for today. Stay tuned for more as the days go by.

Jo Ann

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Some Random Things You May Not Know About Me…

1.   I love my steak medium rare.
2.   I could spend unlimited amounts of money on books and eBooks.
3.   I treat my puppy dog, Hope, as if she is my second child.
4.   I am a very good editor and once published a magazine.
5.   I love electronic gadgets: computers, iPods, BlackBerry cellphones, Nikon digital cameras, digital video cameras, and my Kindle.
6.   I collect so many things my room is overly cluttered.
7.   I love my son, Alex, so much that it is often overwhelming.
8.   I don’t believe in buying songs from iTunes, but always buy my music on CD.
9.   I am a perfectionist, not a good thing at all, as it keeps me from trying things at times.
10.  I am very loyal, trusting, and love my friends and family very deeply.
11.   I have a slow temper, but once I am angry I can hold a grudge for a long time.
12.  I sometimes have a very dirty mouth, usually when angry.
13.  I hate to cook, but am quite good at it.
14.  My favorite color is red.
15.  The Rolling Stones are my favorite Rock stars and I have seen them in concert twice.
16.  I watch very little television and find it very irritating.
17.  I am a Christian, but have moderate attitudes.
18.  I have never flown on an airplane.
19.  I am very good at entertaining myself and almost never become bored.
20. I take care of my 81 year old mother who has Parkinson’s Disease and other maladies.
21.  I believe all people have unlimited creativity and special talents.
22. I love art and can draw and paint a bit.
23. I almost always wear Nikes.
24. I have had the same email address over ten years.
25. Some people say I am a talented writer, but I have not written creatively in a while.

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My Scores on the Alcohol Test…

Congratulations! You’re 109 proof, with specific scores in beer (60) , wine (66), and liquor (95).
Screw all that namby-pamby chick stuff, you’re going straight for the bottle and a shot glass! It’ll take more than a few shots of Wild Turkey or 99 Bananas before you start seeing pink elephants. You know how to handle your alcohol, and yourself at parties.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 44% on proof
You scored higher than 90% on beer index
You scored higher than 93% on wine index
You scored higher than 93% on liquor index

Go here to take it yourself: The Alcohol Knowledge Test. The best score I have seen so far is on Paste and Color by MCP herself.

Jo Ann


I found out I am A Life Blogger Edited Post

I found out I am A Life Blogger

My blog is the story of my life – a living diary.

If it happens, I blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Go to this Blog to find out what kind of Blogger you are: Dark Wine of Life.

I seriously am getting fed up with MSN’s antics. I have been trying to repost this entry for over an EIGhT hours because it showed up wrong and the Space is unavailable. Is anybody else having MSN problems?

I hate this!

On a good note my portfolio continues to grow on BlogShares. I am quite pleased.

I am reading through everyone’s blogs. At least I can still see them. Good stuff out there today.

Jo Ann


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