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Just A Few Musings

This is a picture of me taken yesterday after physical therapy. After surgery on my right knee I need a little help getting back up to speed.


I have a few musings to share that have been written recently.

Own This
Dreams come true,
Yes they do, believe,
Say fervent prayers,
Follow your heart,
Invest your life,
Create the reality
That fits your desire.
Claim the miracle,
Make good on your promise,
Carry out your purpose,
Then watch your wishes
Become manifest in the now,
It happens, you can fulfill
All your fondest hopes.
Know it can transpire,
You have what it takes,
You deserve the gift,
Dreams come true!
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, October 28, 2016

Love is the answer to the questions of the soul. It has the power to relax the weary mind and supply comfort to the body. Love holds the world in place in space and time. Love is the miracle giving life in the present, and eternal existence. Be at peace for Love is, and knows your name. You are never forsaken, forgotten because Love always surrounds you. There is one Truth, and He is Love.

I equate Love with my Lord, Jesus, but see Love as you will, Love is here for you.

No Wasted Words

Writing can do magic,
Of this I am convinced,
Because it has supplied
Me with things, once,
I thought impossible.

This life improves,
Becomes more blest,
By words written
Courageously, despite
Overwhelming fear.

To live this moment
More richly alive
Is fulfillment of
Long held dreams
Unbelievably realized.

Lessons learned
Through pages turned;
Questions asked,
Answers given,
Unconditional deliverance.

An article made request,
An inadequate email in reply,
A prayer answered;
The story continues
Much better than before.

Writing, editing, publishing,
Art, photography, design,
These things I love,
Finally, pay dividends,
Life becomes sublime.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, October 28, 2016

You must define yourself; no one else knows who you are. You develop your abilities, your specializations. Let no one impose limitations on you; you are capable of changing the world.

I know I don’t understand, I don’t have the experience, I cannot live your life with your challenges, but please know I am here. I want to hear your story; I want to listen carefully and learn what I can. I want to understand. I want to wrap you in love and show I care about all you are going through.

I tell you all that miracles happen all the time.

This evening I gave Mom a bath in the little bitty shower that is too small for a human being. She was standing up after I rinsed her and went to sit down. Somehow she had turned so that her bottom came outside the shower stall and she headed for the floor. I caught her mostly on the leg that hurts so much because I am still recovering from surgery and with my arms. I pushed and pulled her upward and pushed her back into the stall and onto her shower stool.

We managed to get her settled without a fall, but in reality, I should not have been able to do it. Both of us should have wound up with broken bones.

God was with us, and it was a miracle.

I hope November brings you many blessings. May you find many opportunities, much prosperity, and lots of love.

As a prompt today, write about something unexpected that happened over the last week and how it made you feel.

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Jo Ann



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Some Textual Photos I Created Today

Mothers Day 2016

Tribute to Penny

Butterfly & Flowers_edited with text

Red Lilies

Writing Inspirations Photo_edited

I hope you enjoyed these creations from my photos. I hope you have an awesome day. I encourage you to create something today. You are capable of making whatever you desire and it will enrich your life. The world needs more of us to share our originality.

I am grateful today:

1.     I was accepted for a Creative Writing Specialization with Wesleyan University on financial aid.
2.     I have the technological devices I need to do creative work.
3.     I have access to multitudes of books through my local library.
4.     I had my eyes examined and have new contacts and glasses that make the world clear for me.
5.     We have plenty of food to sustain us.
6.     I have some beautiful clothing.
7.     Our home is temperate and comfortable.
8.     Some of my creative work was published in the Chapel Hill News & Views.
9.     We have had our Explorer a year, and it is one of the best vehicles I have ever driven.
10.   I have some wonderful, supportive friends around the world.

Now it is your turn. Make a list of at least five things for which you are grateful today. This will have a positive effect on you even, and especially, if you are going through a difficult time. Life looks better when you count your blessings. It makes you appreciate what you have, in spite of what you may lack.

Here is a picture I took a while back that I call, “Meet Me Here.” Your creative challenge is to write a story that might happen here, or one about this photo. Have fun, and do not allow your inner critic to stymie your work. You have the ability to create something wonderful.

Meet Me Here

Finally, if you enjoyed what you have seen here, please subscribe to my blog. I would love for you to share this blog with your friends if you feel it would add quality to their lives.

All the work found here is originally created by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan and is covered by copyright. Should you wish to share please credit the work.

All the best to each of you,
God Bless,
Jo Ann

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One Step, One Handhold, At A Time


You get your prompt at the beginning today. You were not expecting that, were you? I usually make you wait so you read what else I have written…

Climbing is hard work, but each milestone along your path brings special gifts which encourage you to continue. What have you gained as you work to fulfill your dream? What has inspired you to reach greater heights? Share your accomplishments to motivate yourself and others.

Now create something from this prompt. You are a creative person and have the ability to complete anything you desire. This is a simple exercise.

Get busy!

I stayed up all night. This seems to be becoming a pattern. One crash night and day, then one night and day into night and on to the morning staying up. Might be a little manic going on here. Watching it closely. I also seem to have an overabundance of ideas soaring through my mind.

Going to share a few thoughts I have been entertaining with you all. I have never considered journalism as an outlet for my talents, but since I have been reading The New York Times and Atlanta Journal – Constitution fairly regularly, I have come to think I might have something to contribute in this format. I know many writers got their start in the business through newspapers and periodicals. I am a little afraid my credentials will not stand me in good stead in this market, but all they can tell me is no. I have heard no before, and guess what? It has not killed me. I am tough, well, at least I can dodge with the best of them. I have no college degree, but have done a great deal of self-motivated learning through reading and free courses online. I have no particular publishing credits, but I have edited and published a desktop produced magazine. I have written since I was a very young child. This is my life. Words carry me, nourish me, move me toward achieving my purpose.

I have worked as a volunteer Publicity Chairman for Sweetwater Camera Club doing page layout and design for almost four years with a local ad funded magazine called The Chapel Hill News & Views. I doubt they will pay me, but I think they might be willing to publish some articles. I have not asked yet, but I have some ideas. I am thinking of doing some public interest pieces and some health articles. I have ideas of people to interview.
The question is; do I have the skills necessary? If you have an opinion, please share it with me in the comments below.

I am reading a new motivational book, which I will cover in more detail later, but it reinforces the ideas I have been having about doing something that gets me more into public view. I cannot have significant impact on people’s lives without widespread publication. Blogging, and social media alone are not enough to reach many. I want to encourage, inspire, motivate, and empower others to become creators who influence their destinies through what they create. I think I have ideas worth sharing.

I hope that by helping others I can also help myself and become self-sufficient. I want to share my challenges, but I want to overcome them so they no longer define me. I want to be measured by what I accomplish, not a disease I cannot control. I have struggled, but I want to shine. God willing, I can do things that in my own power are not possible.

I am doing a gratitude list again today. Join me by noting your blessings. It seems to bolster my positive attitude and you may find it helpful to you too.

I Am Grateful:

1) I went to physical therapy, although I really did not want to go.

2) I gave the staff some bookmarks and a box of cookies.

3) I helped a friend today.

4) Even though I have been very negative lately my best friend has not deserted me.

5) I started reading a great motivational book on Kindle.

6) I did not lose my stylus though it dropped out of my phone case several times.

7) Hope talked to me when I came home. She is so adorable.

8) My mentor and I talked a while this evening.

9) Since SunTrust was closed, I came home sooner than I planned.

10) The SYNC system in the Explorer worked better than ever.

This space held a poem yesterday. I am not convinced I can poem today. I shall try:

As I Climb

I am blessed with
A gift the Creator wants
Me to share freely,
Or I do not believe He
Would have given it to me.

I need to pull up
Through my depths of poverty,
Becoming myself
Sufficient to support my
Own needs without assistance.

I am strong enough
To carry my own heaviness
Without you others
Looking after me without
Wanting to do, charity.

I know I have worked
And my benefits are mine,
But some are jealous;
They see me as parasite
Unworthy of such little.

I want more, freedom,
Choice to have the many things
Denied me so long,
I want health, I want wealth, and
I want to hold my head high.

So now undaunted
I will climb much higher up
Reaching lofty prize
Of the life I have long dreamed
I deserved to live and share.

I am blessed with
A gift the Creator wants
Me to share freely,
Or I do not believe He
Would have given it to me.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, January 4, 2016

I finished up just at midnight. Pardon this poem if it is a bit crass. I hope you enjoy most of this bit of thinking in ink. I have done a poor job, I am afraid, but I am a bit tired this late. Sleep, the pillow and sheets call.

May each of you create your dream come true. Please take time to subscribe to this blog if you enjoyed reading it. I would love to hear from you if you would leave a comment.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day Thirteen

My journal entry and a poem:

Journal 1-22-20120001

Journal 1-22-20120002

Today was a rainy day, so Hope and I did not go outside to walk. My pictures for the day come from inside the house. The dogs are going to be groomed on Wednesday so I took some pictures of them with their long hair.


My sweet Hope…






Mom with Penny…


Some few of my books in teetering stacks.

You can see I have plenty of material to read and that is only a small number of all my books.

I hope you enjoyed your time spent here. May your day be full of creative energy.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project–Day Six

This has been a productive day. I have drawn and painted a picture, created a song, taken some photographs, and written a journal entry. I have also finished up the week’s Bible study with my Mom.

First, the picture I finished early this morning before going to bed:

Flowers and Butterfly

The song I created while walking with Hope and my handwritten journal entry for today:

Journal 1-15-20120001

The photographs I took today:


A different angle on the Radio Flyer. This image haunts me.


Hope sniffing…


Hope hurrying toward me with her tongue licking her nose.


Wood and rocks with Radio Flyer in the background.


Hope in profile.


Hope relaxing after our walk.

As I work toward doing something creative every day it seems to get easier and feel more rewarding. I encourage anyone who is contemplating doing one of these projects to go for it. It stretches your abilities and gives you practice to help you move forward with your artistic pursuits. My only regret is that I did not begin earlier.

I hope you are following along and will continue with me on this adventure. Your input is priceless to me. If something touches you, or amuses you, please let me know. Even if you have a negative comment I am interested in hearing what you have to say. This is a journey on which I hope to improve my skills, so all opinions are welcome.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you are inspired to do something creative.

Jo Ann

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365 Project–Day 2

I am very excited about this project and so far that is providing motivation to continue. I only hope that I can sustain the willingness to do the work over time. I want to share a picture of my work area with you all. That way you will know where at least a portion of the work I do is accomplished.


Not the most organized space, but it works for me. The computer you see to left has now primarily become for my Mom to use to play games and enjoy. We share the space very well and she likes having me near her.

I wrote the following poem in the wee hours of this morning. It is an unedited first draft:

Journal 1-11-20120001

I have to share a picture of my puppy dog, Hope. She is my sweet companion and loving friend.


Here is a little whimsy I came up with today in response to one of my friend’s works:
Life is just the story we tell ourselves. Truth is the perception we retain of what goes on around and within us. The observer, so they have proven in science, has an effect on the outcome of any situation by virtue of simple presence. So we are creative actors in all we witness.

I thought that quite clever, like some of my 140 character postings to Twitter. What astonishes me is how one person’s creative work can provoke creativity in another person. My contact with others through the internet helps inspire me. It is so wonderful that those of us who would otherwise live quietly isolated lives can communicate with people worldwide by simply using connected devices. I am so glad that I have this ability.

I usually do my creative work during the late hours of the night into the early morning, but am hoping to accomplish some of this project during daytime.

That is all I have currently. I wish all of you a fantastic day filled with productivity.

Jo Ann

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Creative Journal – Entry Twenty-three – Children

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Children are a blessing from God. They are undeserved gifts. Often they come to us unplanned. They are a grace come to us unmerited. A baby is a blank slate that parents write upon with their deeds and words. Children learn from us without reservation. They take in everything we do or fail to do. Their hearts and minds are imprinted with our love or lack thereof. They grow to mimic us in the way they live their lives. If we are kind and loving, their lives reflect it. Our care and concern shows in their treatment of others.


I tried to have a child for years, but did not become pregnant. I came to believe I could not have a child. Then unplanned I became pregnant. I knew when I found out I was carrying a child that I would not give it up. No matter how Richard pushed for an abortion, I was steadfast that I would have my child. I was afraid I might not have another chance at motherhood. When I learned my baby was a boy I was full of joy, although Richard had by then decided a girl would be okay, but he did not want a boy. I went to Lamaze classes and learned all I could about babies. I knew a lot already because there had always been little ones in the house as I grew up. My Mom babysat for extra money. When it was determined that I would need a c-section I was disappointed. The baby was too big for me to deliver naturally. I was afraid of the surgery, but I was glad the baby would come safely. I was very happy when Alex was delivered and I held him in my arms. He was beautiful and I was blessed. From the day I brought him home, my life revolved around him. I read to him and cherished him as if he were the most important person in the world. In fact, he was most important to me. As I watched him grow I marveled at the miracle of his life. Every day he developed a little more. He became his own person and I was elated. He learned new things and as he grew I thanked God for his intelligence and personality. Those days went quickly and soon years had gone by. He grew from a little boy who adored me, to a teenager who called me his friend, and then he became the adult who wants me to respect his freedom. It has been a wonderful journey through the years with Alex. I am so thankful I was blessed to share my life with this wonderful human being. He continually makes me proud.


I would like to share a poem I wrote for him…


Uncommon Grace


When I look upon your face

I see God’s outstanding grace

Embodied in you,

Given to me.


Oh what a blessing

To have a child like you,

Because there are few

Who do as you do.


Making me proud

Every step of the way,

By the actions you take

Every single day.


You are a true gift from God

So precious and dear,

Who grows in worth

From year to year.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I wish that every person who has a child would receive him or her as a gift. Every child should grow up surrounded by love. It does not matter so much what a child has materially, the important thing is being cherished. Children grow to love and respect others as they are loved and respected. May the Lord be with all children born.



Jo Ann

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