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When Dawn Falls Down

Au Revoir

You carried my heart
Within an inside pocket,
There it was kept warm
Protected by your sweet love;
I lived happiness, galore.
Loving made me bold
Set my inhibitions free,
The ruin of me;
I became wild as water
Life without you frightens me.
Lone, I continue
Love exists, enough to share,
But you are not here,
I walk a shadow of who
The woman was loving you.


Who would have me write
If my vacancies were clear?
By the strains of illness, pain,
I cannot fully explain.


Pain, with all within
We would wish it over, gone,
Still, pain defines time
Validates all life’s pleasure,
The dreams, hopes, love are enshrined.



I would gladly choose
You who are a mystery
To help liberate
The bonds time forged over me,
Every expression of love
Hidden from my touch
Buried so my passions strong
Are never declared.


The fear that haunts us
Wishes to wreck, destroy us,
But LOVE overcomes.


Firelight and shadow
Are within us all contained
We choose our joy, pain.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

These may seem a bit dark. Sometimes the shadow attempts to put me in a vault and shut me away with the bones. It does not recall that I used to visit those places pretending they were palaces. Long corridors and marbled floors, echoes of whispers, and oh the glories when I became brave enough to sing.

I never said I was normal. LOL!

I am reading The Two Towers. If you have never cracked those books, I highly recommend them, if only for the unparalleled joy of the language.

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An entry from Haphazard Creative

Sharing: I am totally messed up! Really?

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Just A Few Musings

This is a picture of me taken yesterday after physical therapy. After surgery on my right knee I need a little help getting back up to speed.


I have a few musings to share that have been written recently.

Own This
Dreams come true,
Yes they do, believe,
Say fervent prayers,
Follow your heart,
Invest your life,
Create the reality
That fits your desire.
Claim the miracle,
Make good on your promise,
Carry out your purpose,
Then watch your wishes
Become manifest in the now,
It happens, you can fulfill
All your fondest hopes.
Know it can transpire,
You have what it takes,
You deserve the gift,
Dreams come true!
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, October 28, 2016

Love is the answer to the questions of the soul. It has the power to relax the weary mind and supply comfort to the body. Love holds the world in place in space and time. Love is the miracle giving life in the present, and eternal existence. Be at peace for Love is, and knows your name. You are never forsaken, forgotten because Love always surrounds you. There is one Truth, and He is Love.

I equate Love with my Lord, Jesus, but see Love as you will, Love is here for you.

No Wasted Words

Writing can do magic,
Of this I am convinced,
Because it has supplied
Me with things, once,
I thought impossible.

This life improves,
Becomes more blest,
By words written
Courageously, despite
Overwhelming fear.

To live this moment
More richly alive
Is fulfillment of
Long held dreams
Unbelievably realized.

Lessons learned
Through pages turned;
Questions asked,
Answers given,
Unconditional deliverance.

An article made request,
An inadequate email in reply,
A prayer answered;
The story continues
Much better than before.

Writing, editing, publishing,
Art, photography, design,
These things I love,
Finally, pay dividends,
Life becomes sublime.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, October 28, 2016

You must define yourself; no one else knows who you are. You develop your abilities, your specializations. Let no one impose limitations on you; you are capable of changing the world.

I know I don’t understand, I don’t have the experience, I cannot live your life with your challenges, but please know I am here. I want to hear your story; I want to listen carefully and learn what I can. I want to understand. I want to wrap you in love and show I care about all you are going through.

I tell you all that miracles happen all the time.

This evening I gave Mom a bath in the little bitty shower that is too small for a human being. She was standing up after I rinsed her and went to sit down. Somehow she had turned so that her bottom came outside the shower stall and she headed for the floor. I caught her mostly on the leg that hurts so much because I am still recovering from surgery and with my arms. I pushed and pulled her upward and pushed her back into the stall and onto her shower stool.

We managed to get her settled without a fall, but in reality, I should not have been able to do it. Both of us should have wound up with broken bones.

God was with us, and it was a miracle.

I hope November brings you many blessings. May you find many opportunities, much prosperity, and lots of love.

As a prompt today, write about something unexpected that happened over the last week and how it made you feel.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you enjoyed your time here please subscribe and be sure to come back soon.

Jo Ann


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Some Textual Photos I Created Today

Mothers Day 2016

Tribute to Penny

Butterfly & Flowers_edited with text

Red Lilies

Writing Inspirations Photo_edited

I hope you enjoyed these creations from my photos. I hope you have an awesome day. I encourage you to create something today. You are capable of making whatever you desire and it will enrich your life. The world needs more of us to share our originality.

I am grateful today:

1.     I was accepted for a Creative Writing Specialization with Wesleyan University on financial aid.
2.     I have the technological devices I need to do creative work.
3.     I have access to multitudes of books through my local library.
4.     I had my eyes examined and have new contacts and glasses that make the world clear for me.
5.     We have plenty of food to sustain us.
6.     I have some beautiful clothing.
7.     Our home is temperate and comfortable.
8.     Some of my creative work was published in the Chapel Hill News & Views.
9.     We have had our Explorer a year, and it is one of the best vehicles I have ever driven.
10.   I have some wonderful, supportive friends around the world.

Now it is your turn. Make a list of at least five things for which you are grateful today. This will have a positive effect on you even, and especially, if you are going through a difficult time. Life looks better when you count your blessings. It makes you appreciate what you have, in spite of what you may lack.

Here is a picture I took a while back that I call, “Meet Me Here.” Your creative challenge is to write a story that might happen here, or one about this photo. Have fun, and do not allow your inner critic to stymie your work. You have the ability to create something wonderful.

Meet Me Here

Finally, if you enjoyed what you have seen here, please subscribe to my blog. I would love for you to share this blog with your friends if you feel it would add quality to their lives.

All the work found here is originally created by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan and is covered by copyright. Should you wish to share please credit the work.

All the best to each of you,
God Bless,
Jo Ann

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This Day… And Poems and Prose

I was a very bad person today. I went to bed at 2:30AM and got up just long enough to cut the alarm off at 7:00AM. I did not take Alex to the bus and only got up when Mom called me at 11:00AM. Oh well, once in a while you have to be a jerk. On the upside I feel so rested. Good sleep.


If anyone has a suggestion for an alternate browser I should download to run as back up I would appreciate the information. My operating system is XP Professional actually it is XP Media Center 2005, but has all the functionality of Professional plus some nifty extras.


I posted some more links yesterday and this morning. By the way if any of you use MSN groups they changed the address again and don’t have a redirect set up yet. Sometimes MSN can be so aggravating. This morning I could not get to my group without all kinds of work. I think I will go complain somewhere… Torres sounds like a good candidate. I already have his link. See Other Blogs I Visit.


Mom is busy painting today. I had to help her with some angel eyes. Eyes can be difficult. She says she thinks knowing how to apply make-up makes me better at it. Mom does not wear make-up and ladies she has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen on a 75 year old. Guess that is why I go without paint most of the time. Her other secret is Olay beauty products. She has been using that stuff ever since I can remember.


I have some things I must do today, I have been procrastinating about some paperwork that is essential. I really do not want to transfer ownership of my life insurance to someone else, but if I keep it I lose some of my benefits this year and I can not afford to have that happen. Either transfer ownership or give the equity in the policy to the state for a death benefit and I hate that option too, because the equity continues to grow and I know they won’t use it all to bury me. Sucks having to depend on the government for anything. I would gladly tie it up so I could not touch the equity unless I was off disability, but that will not please the powers that be.


I wish someone would call me for an interview on some of the applications I have out there. I would really like some extra money. The thing is that no one wants someone with Schizophrenia (Schizo-Affective Disorder) working for them and that I have not been employed since 1995 when I was running my own magazine. I really believe that discrimination has to do with my not getting a job, because I am qualified for those positions I apply for, disability sucks.


I have some other poems for you, as often they are old ones, but hey maybe soon I will write some new ones. If you see my muse kindly send him home, I need him desperately. He has been MIA so long I have forgotten what he sounds like. Anyway, here are the poems:


Can You?


Can you take a moment

Out of all the haste

To put your thoughts

Forever on the page?


No one knows you

Without expression

That you aptly place

Your words, no waste.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

January 22, 2003



Honor America


Celebrate freedom beautiful angel

Soothe and bless us with your voice

Defend the bountiful equal opportunity

Of independence, hope, and true peace

Urge us to live in happiness together;

Bring paradise to us in a sweet dream.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

October 3, 2003


Cut Flower


My heart is like a flower

Carelessly cut down and left

Lying on the ground alone.

The noon sun shines down bright

Withering my tenderness

No crystal vase holds me

In prideful place to be seen,

Admired by loving eyes.

My heart is abandoned by

Even he who promised to

Hold me forevermore dear,

A flower cut down to die


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

July 28, 2000


Well you probably are ready to move on after that here is a piece that reflects on a place I have been able to move away from, finally. I am doing so much better now. It encapsulates my broken heartedness at the time:


I remember…


I remember when you once only yearned to hold me everyday. We were like one piece of the same thing. There was no separating us from one another because our love was deep, real, and reliable. Now you seem changed. Though I still feel so much for you, it seems you have found a different interest.


I remember once I was sure that I could accomplish anything upon which I set my heart. Those days are however long gone. I know that what I want will not come easily should it come at all. I still hope and pray, but my faith is weaker than a week ago.


I remember what? Nothing seems important enough to write. Yes, I remember, but of what use is my memory. Does anyone care? Not likely, that anyone beyond me wants the information and sometimes I do not even want to know myself.


I remember days I tried to make some difference in our world, but I accomplished little enough only to make me feel ashamed. Why not do something tangible that could be pointed at in the future and attributed to my prowess? Nothing stands out; nothing makes a change.


I remember but it does not matter. I am not worth the trouble of trying to make it right. I am just a stranger walking through the darkness of life’s night.



© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Saturday, September 04, 2004


Okay, I will let you go for a while… gotta get that paperwork done though I dread it. Hope you have a marvelous day.



Jo Ann


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