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Recent Missives

I have not posted in a while, but that does not mean I am not working. I am doing things on Facebook almost every day. I wanted to share these few things and show I have not forgotten my blog entirely. Much has been happening and I do not always feel like fighting with this interface. It eats my artwork, for no good reason. I don’t post anything not my own, so it makes me quite upset.

I hope you will enjoy these entries. I am doing some videos now too. If you want to see them you do not have to be my friend on Facebook to find them. Just look up my profile JoAnn J. A. Jordan and they are public so you can view them.


2017-03-27 Journal

2017-03-27 Journal Part 2jpg

2017-03-26 Monster after me In Color

2017-03-27 Journal 3

2017-03-28 Journal

I am grateful:

  1. It appears Mom will be able to come home from Rehab soon.
  2. I found music calms me being here alone.
  3. I can still write.
  4. The dogs are here to give me animal support.
  5. I made a friend who actually is not many miles away.

If you would like to work creatively, think of something that appears to be a monster in your life. Make a representation of that thing, either by writing about it or creating art or photography that visualizes it.

Please follow my blog to get alerts of my posts. I am not as regular with them as I once was, but sometimes I have things to communicate.

Thank you for reading. I hope God most generously blesses you in all you attempt and do. Remember you are precious and very important. You have a purpose and you deserve respect.

Jo Ann

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Theme Change – My Reason

Note on this old theme back on the site again… I was having problems with the newer one taking my blog away when I went to read comments. Erratic behavior on the part of MSN yet again. I love the other colors, but I rather you and I be able to access all blog functions than have an unstable environment. The blue is not so bad and it is dependable. Most of themes that came out of beta with those who made it through the stage are usable at all times. Even though we are not beta anymore the software still has bugs. Some days they are worse than others. I was having comments swallowed into the ether on more popular blogs all day. Several were having weird access errors, MSN is not always great, but they are better than many.



Jo Ann


I Have Been Working on This Site…


I have made some major changes to layout and content, added some modules and such. Hope you like what I am doing around here.  


I pulled some stuff from the blog pages and put it in lists and edited the links. I do not know how long this will last, but we shall see… I am thinking of changing the theme and arrangement again. Just bear with me…


I am posting another photo I added above in the My Life gallery. It is of my nephew’s wife and her niece before their wedding.


Jo Ann


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