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365 Creativity Project-Day 333

Journal entry:

Journal 12-7-20120001

So Blessed

My life
Is filled with smiles
On a daily basis.
Even on bad days there is much
For which to be grateful, I can hardly
Complain because happiness fills
Most moments and many
Corners of this
My life

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, December 7, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   I got a haircut and it turned out well.
2.   My trip to Best Buy was productive.
3.   Mom liked what I fixed for lunch.
4.   The doctor’s office finally returned my call.
5.   Alex and Laura visited us for a little while this evening.

Things worked out quite well today. I hope your Friday was also trouble free. Make sure you take a few moments to engage your imagination creatively. You have so much within you if you only tap your resources.

As a prompt, write about a technology that has positively impacted your life. This does not have to be electronic, anything created by humans will do. I am sure you have a poem, story, or journal entry inside you. Please leave a link to your work in the comments below should you use this prompt.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Please leave a comment if you have thoughts, suggestions, or criticism to share. Chronicles can be delivered to you daily if you subscribe.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 220

Journal entry:

Journal 8-16-20120001

Today’s poem is made up of Tweets I sent out during the day and a bit of additional work…

A Prayer For Us

May peace envelope us in
Its calmness. May we be held
safely above all turmoil. May we
Rise like evening stars above
Trouble’s treacherous horizon.

May all our adversaries
Be put to shame. May they come
To us with offerings of goodwill,
Working toward our good,
And not for their profit.

Not everything depends on
Others. Some things are resolved
Only within the self. The outside
World cannot totally
Rob us of our balance.

May we find endless love
Flowing from the universe
Into the midst of our lives
Filling us with such wonder
That we are overwhelmed.

May life become our success
As we remember we are full
Partakers in the promise
Fulfilled by our own
Great creativity.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Thursday, August 16, 2012




I am grateful:

1.   I woke up early, but went back to bed for a nap.
2.   Penny is doing much better.
3.   I remained calm while talking to the AT&T representative.
4.   I will be able to finish my creativity project here.
5.   My bath was relaxing and refreshing.

I hope you had a very good Thursday. Mine was respectable. I want you to take time to create something to share with the world now. You have the imagination to do so, if you will only dedicate yourself to it.

As a prompt, write a poem or story using a tweet, status, comment, or short note you wrote during the day. These small jottings we make can become something bigger, more beautiful. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

I am so grateful that my call with AT&T worked out well, because I did not want to give up my internet connection and my interaction with you. I thank you for choosing to spend a bit of your day with me. If you care to, please leave me a comment.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 203

Journal entry:

Journal 7-30-20120001

I visited Trifecta for inspiration to create a poem today. It was a bit a challenge, but you should see if a visit to that site would help you make something.


I am not strictly
Normal, as in a standard
Of the word, but it is fine
To deviate a little.

Normal is easy,
Being unique is really
A bit challenging,
It takes special skill to stand
Out beyond the usual.

You want a normal,
Look for another person,
Because I do not
Belong to the class, I am
One who lives outside the norm.

Normal is a game
I rarely have any wish
To join in or play,
I am happy with myself
Doing everything my way.

Insanity does
Not conform to the normal,
But are we not all
Just a little bit crazy
In our own particulars?

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, July 30, 2012




I am grateful:

1.   I lay back down this morning and took a nap.
2.   I have completed reading more than half the Bible aloud to my Mom this year.
3.   I am enjoying reading Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness.
4.   Our ballots were already mailed for the election tomorrow.
5.   Mom and I enjoyed the supper I cooked this evening.

This Monday has been a quiet day for me. I hope your day has been good. Now you should take a little time to do something creative. Every day is an opportunity for you to exercise your talents. Do not waste your chance.

If you need a prompt, write about the beauty that surrounds you in the world at all times. No matter where you may be or what you are doing there is undoubtedly some beauty. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments.

I thank you for visiting my blog. Your comments would be much appreciated.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 119

Journal entry:

Journal 5-7-20120001


This was not my place
I lived out in my own space
With a distinct home,
So I only visited
My Mom who was living here.

My fortunes then changed
I was displaced, my space lost,
In that troubled time
My Mom kindly took me in,
Gave my son and I a home.

For years I have lived
Upon this fine property
Enjoying the gift
Of the place’s loveliness
And Mom’s generosity.

This has now become
The location my heart longs
To return after
I have been another place,
It is my permanent home.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, May 7, 2012









I am grateful:

1.   I did not have to go out today.
2.   I have a place to live.
3.   Mom is pleased with where I put the plant.
4.   I gave Hope a bath.
5.   Mom helped me clean out Hope’s ear.

I hope you had a good Monday. You can do something beautiful with your creativity if you try. Challenge yourself to accomplish at least one creative act this week.

Computers and the internet have brought us together. Share your thoughts with me in the comments.

Jo Ann

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When I Write… I Must Sacrifice

Unfortunately, I do not write as much as I should. I have some talent, and some say a way with words. There are things I concentrate on more than writing practice.

I am an avid reader. This year I have read forty-five books and they have not been thin volumes. I will read instead of taking time to write.

I have responsibilities that take up a large amount of my time: chores, shopping, caring for Mom and the dogs, and cooking. I also spend many moments computing: checking and answering email, chatting with my son, Alex, who is a U.S. Marine, updating and checking Facebook, and posting to Twitter and reading the posts of those I follow.

The truth is these pursuits do not prevent my writing. I could read and compute less, easily finding time to devote to writing, but I am not motivated to do so, because I enjoy reading and computing. Writing is exhausting mental work. It is much easier to take information in than to formulate meaningful sentences, which will hold the attention of another person. Often I think of writing, but am not inspired with a topic upon which to expound. I can come up with a 140-character thought to post to Twitter and Facebook, but going beyond that is more difficult.

I have a plethora of books on the art and craft of writing, and could probably find inspiration in some of those. I know I should write if I ever intend to produce work of value. I am so afraid of writing something of inferior quality that I avoid writing much at all.

I love writing and find it very satisfying. I feel a need to put my words into a permanent form, but I rarely make the sacrifice required to accomplish that goal. Perhaps there is an element of laziness in this shirking of effort.

I am sincerely considering reading less so that I may devote more time to writing. That would be a huge sacrifice to me because reading is one of my greatest joys.

If you write, what do you sacrifice to put out your words ?

Jo Ann


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Thankful List

I am thankful:

1.   I was able to write many Christmas cards by hand this year.
2.  Borders sent me a 50% off one item and a 33% off one item coupon so I bought two books I had been wanting.
3.  My niece, Leigh, found an appropriate all-in-one for us to send to Alex so that he can copy, scan, fax, and print and hopefully get back in college classes.
4.   Laura visited Friday night and we had a good time.
5.   The sugar cookies I picked up at Sam’s Club were delicious.
6.   We were not stranded when the truck battery went dead because I had my BlackBerry and was able to call my nephew, Jeremy, for assistance.
7.   I have friends all over the world because I have access to my laptop with internet access.
8.   Mom is feeling fairly well.
9.   I am very fortunate and blessed.
10.  Hope is a very loving puppy dog.

   Hope relaxing in my chair. She always turns herself into positions that look uncomfortable, but she seems happy.


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Reply to Unsolicited Message on Facebook

This stranger sent me a message on Facebook and I sent him back a very frank reply. I thought some of you might get a laugh out of it. He never replied so I must have had his motives pretty well figured out.

His message follows:

“Hello Beautiful, how are u doing..My name is ******* am just checking on my facebook before,Came across your profile,Huh U look so beautiful and bearing the same name with my Late mother…if you don’t mind Let get to know each other, Are you married or single for now, Am a single funny man,We can be a good friend,my person Email ************ @*****.com hope to hear from you soon You are so Beautiful,

My reply follows:

“I am very wary of people who contact me this way and I do not do personal email or chat with strangers. Compliments without more than seeing a little of my profile do not impress me. I know I am not particularly beautiful and tend to think that men who start out like that are after something from the beginning. If you would like to continue to message this way and see if I can come to trust you that is okay, if not, so sorry. I am single, but am not after a relationship. I have quite enough to keep me busy in life without trying to live up to some man’s expectations.

I almost ignored your message, but thought if you could weather my scathing reply that we might become friends. I do not do internet relationships other than friendships, just so we are clear from the outset.

Jo Ann”

I am not adverse to becoming friends with people on the internet, but I have some doubts about messages like his. If someone wants to communicate with me it helps to use good language skills. If someone is careless about that, I think they are either not very intelligent or have very poor habits, and I find that very unattractive.

What do you think? Was I rude? Should I have been more kind? I would love to have your comments.

Jo Ann

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