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365 Creativity Project-Day 127

Journal entry:

Journal 5-15-20120001

My Grief for My Loss

I am sometimes sad
Not only because I lost
Our relationship,
But because of the good things
That were mine taken away.

I lost many of
The treasures of my childhood
Things I wanted to
Keep in my life for pleasure
They brought and continued to.

The question remains
Did you take my things to be
Ruthless or did you
Simply leave them out and let
Them be stolen by strangers?

I may never know
The answers, but I will go
On without worry,
Tears I shed are now over
My grief hidden deep inside.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Shih Tzu mug, I use as a pen holder…


Mug that Mom gave me, holding miscellaneous supplies…


Hippopotamus I painted with art pens…


Feminine teddy bear…

I am grateful:

1.   Mom is a little better today.
2.   Everything works out as God plans.
3.   I am blessed with some intelligence.
4.   Dreams do come true.
5.   Happiness is a choice.

I hope your Tuesday has been rewarding. Don’t forget to spend some time doing something creative. Even if you just record some of your memories, you will have accomplished a something worthwhile.

Leave a comment if you are so inclined. I am very appreciative of all your thoughts.

Jo Ann

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Reply to Unsolicited Message on Facebook

This stranger sent me a message on Facebook and I sent him back a very frank reply. I thought some of you might get a laugh out of it. He never replied so I must have had his motives pretty well figured out.

His message follows:

“Hello Beautiful, how are u doing..My name is ******* am just checking on my facebook before,Came across your profile,Huh U look so beautiful and bearing the same name with my Late mother…if you don’t mind Let get to know each other, Are you married or single for now, Am a single funny man,We can be a good friend,my person Email ************ @*****.com hope to hear from you soon You are so Beautiful,

My reply follows:

“I am very wary of people who contact me this way and I do not do personal email or chat with strangers. Compliments without more than seeing a little of my profile do not impress me. I know I am not particularly beautiful and tend to think that men who start out like that are after something from the beginning. If you would like to continue to message this way and see if I can come to trust you that is okay, if not, so sorry. I am single, but am not after a relationship. I have quite enough to keep me busy in life without trying to live up to some man’s expectations.

I almost ignored your message, but thought if you could weather my scathing reply that we might become friends. I do not do internet relationships other than friendships, just so we are clear from the outset.

Jo Ann”

I am not adverse to becoming friends with people on the internet, but I have some doubts about messages like his. If someone wants to communicate with me it helps to use good language skills. If someone is careless about that, I think they are either not very intelligent or have very poor habits, and I find that very unattractive.

What do you think? Was I rude? Should I have been more kind? I would love to have your comments.

Jo Ann

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