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Some Textual Photos I Created Today

Mothers Day 2016

Tribute to Penny

Butterfly & Flowers_edited with text

Red Lilies

Writing Inspirations Photo_edited

I hope you enjoyed these creations from my photos. I hope you have an awesome day. I encourage you to create something today. You are capable of making whatever you desire and it will enrich your life. The world needs more of us to share our originality.

I am grateful today:

1.     I was accepted for a Creative Writing Specialization with Wesleyan University on financial aid.
2.     I have the technological devices I need to do creative work.
3.     I have access to multitudes of books through my local library.
4.     I had my eyes examined and have new contacts and glasses that make the world clear for me.
5.     We have plenty of food to sustain us.
6.     I have some beautiful clothing.
7.     Our home is temperate and comfortable.
8.     Some of my creative work was published in the Chapel Hill News & Views.
9.     We have had our Explorer a year, and it is one of the best vehicles I have ever driven.
10.   I have some wonderful, supportive friends around the world.

Now it is your turn. Make a list of at least five things for which you are grateful today. This will have a positive effect on you even, and especially, if you are going through a difficult time. Life looks better when you count your blessings. It makes you appreciate what you have, in spite of what you may lack.

Here is a picture I took a while back that I call, “Meet Me Here.” Your creative challenge is to write a story that might happen here, or one about this photo. Have fun, and do not allow your inner critic to stymie your work. You have the ability to create something wonderful.

Meet Me Here

Finally, if you enjoyed what you have seen here, please subscribe to my blog. I would love for you to share this blog with your friends if you feel it would add quality to their lives.

All the work found here is originally created by Jo Ann J. A. Jordan and is covered by copyright. Should you wish to share please credit the work.

All the best to each of you,
God Bless,
Jo Ann

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Creativity Project Year Two-Day 83

Journal entry:

Journal 4-1-20130001


Today’s poem was prompted by and April PAD Challenge – Day 1. I combined the two because I did not feel up to writing two poems… You might want to visit both these sites for inspiration…

With Apologies To Rumi

My work is to carry this love,
Freely given to me, to those
With whom I have contact each day.

I must love others as I love
Myself, forever doing my
Best to foster more happiness.

This is the new command given
For each of us to follow at
All times without any question.

Unconditionally loving
Is not be very easy for
Us, but we should always try it.

We should teach it to our children
So life treats them beneficially
And they spread peace throughout the world.

Love, not judgment, should always be
Our goal within society,
Encouraging everyone else.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, April 01, 2013


I am grateful:

1.   I have an opportunity to write each day.
2.   I have passed 1000 posts on this blog.
3.   I have passed 200 blog followers.
4.   My niece, Leigh, surprised us by visiting this evening with my great-nephew, Jesse, and great-niece, Sydney.
5.   I have enough poems to perhaps make a collection.


This has been a very good Monday. I hope you have achieved your goals for the day. Now, while you have an opportunity, I encourage you to engage your imagination and work creatively. You can accomplish so much if you only make an effort. I wrote about some of my victories and I believe you can achieve just as much. Just devote yourself to doing something.

As a prompt, write about a habit you have developed that has changed your life. Mine has been enriched by this Creativity Project, I am sure you have something about which you can write. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you would like you can enter your email in the space above and subscribe to Chronicles. I would love to read your thoughts, suggestions, or criticism, so please leave a comment.

Jo Ann

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Creativity Project Year Two-Day 12

Journal entry:

Journal 1-20-20130001


Nearly, Dearly

I do not know
Or deeply understand,
But I am led deeper into
Relationship with Christ the Savior by
The Holy Spirit who lives in
My heart always wooing
Me, bringing me

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am grateful:

1.   I spent over an hour thoroughly cleaning my bathroom during the night.
2.   I decided to stay up all night so that I would not miss going to church.
3.   I had a hot shower.
4.   I decided to stay for Worship Service, and it was much better than last week.
5.   Mom went to town with me this afternoon.
6.   Mom shopped with me at Sam’s Club.
7.   I have thought of a way to replace Mom’s Ensure if needed.
8.   I can make fruit smoothies that will be a good substitute.
9.   I got two nice shirts and two more devotionals for very good prices at Sam’s Club.
10. This blog challenges me to do more than I believe possible.


My Sunday has been fabulous. I hope you have enjoyed your day as well. Make time to nourish the creative part of yourself by making something wonderful to share with the world. You are talented enough to excel if you apply your efforts diligently.

As a prompt, write about your understanding of the purpose of the Bible. Even if you are not a Christian you likely have encountered the most popular book in all history. If you have questions, I will attempt to answer them, or search out an answer. Should you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to read your thoughts, suggestions, or even criticism, so please leave a comment. If you enter your email above, you can join the mailing list for Chronicles and receive updates in your inbox.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 280

Journal entry:

Journal 10-15-20120001

Do Not Lament

We have not the time
To spend in deepest regret
Over the mistakes
We have made in days gone past,
But must live today in joy.

The things we have done
Are forgiven by the Lord.
We are set free from
All the sins we committed
By Jesus’ saving grace.

No matter what may
Happen in the world today
We are surrounded
By the loving care of God
And He will light our pathway.

We should live each day
So fully we never once
Become discontent
With what we have accomplished,
But rejoice with happiness.

We are the living
Representatives of faith
Placed by God on Earth
To reflect His righteousness
Before a grief stricken world.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Monday, October 15, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   June took Mom to get her hair cut.
2.   I slept peacefully after I went back to bed this morning.
3.   My shower was refreshing.
4.   We had a nice supper.
5.   Life is very fulfilling.

I hope you have had a good Monday. My day has been very pleasant. I encourage you to make an effort to work creatively now. I know without doubt that you can make something wonderful if you apply yourself. I have no special talent and I have been doing this Creativity Project for 280 days. If I can do it, so can you. Believe in your gifts and use them to enrich our world.

As a prompt for you, please use any or all the words: time, regret, mistakes, past, joy, free, committed, grace, pathway, accomplished, faith, discontent in a poem, story, or journal entry. These words come from the poem above, but I thought they might inspire you. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

I am very thankful for each of you who read my blog. I hope you enjoy what you find here. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or criticism to share, please leave a comment. You might consider subscribing to Chronicles.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 243

Journal entry:

Journal 9-8-20120001






I can remember
Being so afraid I cried
When my Mama left,
Though Miss Cindy was quite sweet
And held my hand a long time.

The other children
Began interacting right
Away, but not me,
I was shy of all of them,
I wanted to go back home.

This went on for weeks,
I did not settle into
Class so easily,
Maybe I am still like that
Uneasy within all crowds.

Learning new things captured my
And I came to love hours spent
In such a happy classroom.

I am grateful for
Those days that prepared me for
Rigorous study
Because the kindness shown there
Helped me succeed in my life.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Saturday, September 8, 2012

I am grateful:

1.   I woke up when the alarm went off, although I did not want to get out of my warm comfortable bed.
2.   I had Lucky Charms for breakfast.
3.   My shower was refreshing, especially since the warm water ran out.
4.   Mom let me drive the Explorer.
5.   It stopped raining before I arrived at the museum.

I had a marvelous Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the day as well. If you have not already, please take time to do something creative now. It will help seal the day in your memory.

As a prompt, write about what you hope remains of your life into the future. This may be the legacy you hope to leave, or about some of the things you hope will become precious. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my blog. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or criticism to share, please leave a comment.

Jo Ann




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365 Creativity Project-Day 197

Journal entry:

Journal 7-24-20120001

Today’s poem was inspired by the prompt at Carry On Tuesday. I suggest you go there and see what it brings to your mind. As usual, the poem was written before the journal entry, but they seem to relate… Funny how that works out, even when I don’t intend it.

Unfaltering Skill

Run when you can, it
Is the best that you can do,
Walk if you have to,
You can still make good progress
And achieve all of your goals.

Crawl if you must, it
Does not matter, long as you
Just never give up,
Because you have the talent
To ultimately succeed.

Is planted within your soul,
It must be allowed
Ample nourishment to grow
Into great works of true art.

Devote resources
To make your aspirations
Solidly appear,
You were endowed with these gifts
For some wonderful purpose.

Run, walk, crawl, keep on
Without abandoning your
Full commitment to
The process you undertake
To accomplish all your dreams.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Tuesday, July 24, 2012





I am grateful:

1.   I woke up early, and stayed up.
2.   There are people who, without really intending to, help me accomplish my creative goals.
3.   I am able to interact with the world through this wonderful thing called the internet.
4.   My Mom helped me have tools that have reinvigorated my creative life.
5.   God gives talent without requiring payment in return.

Tuesday has been a productive day for me and I hope it has been for you. I am always amazed by the things my imagination helps me create. I think you are just as gifted as I am, or more so, and that should you apply yourself, you can make something wonderful. I know inspiration does not always grace us, I was not inspired when I woke up. I made these things today through a concentrated effort. I would not be satisfied with doing nothing, and nor should you. The seeds of greatness reside within you, tend them, and they will assuredly grow.

I do not believe anyone is using my prompts, but they have become a part of this creative habit, so I submit one to you now. Write about how you overcome creative block, or if you are presently suffering, write about what that is like. Maybe you will help someone else work through a difficult time. Encouragement is beneficial to us all, and we are meant to support each other. If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your work in the comments below so that others might be inspired.

I hope you have found something worthwhile in this blog. If you have thoughts or suggestions, please leave a comment. I am grateful for your patronage.

Jo Ann

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365 Creativity Project-Day 136

A few more story starts that I may explore in depth in the future:

Journal 5-24-20120001

The prompt for today’s poem came from The Sunday Whirl. I am going back to earlier prompts on this site because they are so engaging. You might enjoy giving some of them a try.

Uncertain Deity

Even a goddess is hounded
By demons who visit sacred
Rituals without intention
Of adding real significance.

They string along her followers
Distracting from indigenous
Culture elaborated in
Text that defines divinity.

She communicates her desires
From the summit of her mountain
Where graceful flags fly quite untamed
Tousled by vicious winds of change.

A goddess doubts significance
When sacred rituals are viewed
As useless despite intention
To celebrate true devotion.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Thursday, May 24, 2012



Day Lilies…


Yucca blooms…


Can crusher…


What If? is an inspiring book chock full of writing exercises that will have you creating material of which you have never dreamed. I purchased it from What If?.


Writing Magic is a book for younger writers, but you might find the exercises spark ideas as well. I purchased it from Writing Magic. It is a very quick read and can be passed on to inspire a youngster in your life.

I am grateful:

1.   I woke up early.
2.   The UPS driver delivered my package in a timely manner.
3.   I was able to order Iverhart for Penny since Interceptor was not available.
4.   Jeremy says he will try to come out and clean the gutters this weekend.
5.   I may be able to have a vacation next year.

I hope your Thursday has been a good day. Take time to do something creative before your day is over.

If you have thoughts to share please leave me a comment. I greatly appreciate your input.

Jo Ann


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